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he was jealous of adonis, the most beautiful mortal man, from aphrodite, and he found peace by having adonis killed by ares, the lover of our goddess of love. (on the other side, next to hades napçaksa adonis ?¿


the mountain moon sorry underground was taken by hades...


in my opinion, the most real female character in mythology... in real life, every woman can be strong enough to bring spring to the earth with one step, but at the same time, she can be so weak and helpless that she has to live the life that her mother or the man in her life chose for her...


(bkz: show me your tits) i don't listen to tanricaymi$ or something aga.


hades leaves persephone at demeter's request and leaves a handful of pomegranate seeds in her hand. because someone who eats one of the fruits of hell will eventually return to hell again.. when demeter heard this, she took a decision, her daughter will stay on earth with autumn and winter hades, spring and summer. i think it's like persephone symbolizes the seeds under the ground in autumn and winter.. yes..


it can also be a gsm operator company in iran.

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