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it is like the tendon of achilles in old submarines. when it is hit, the submarine is canceled and has to surrender. (see achilles tendon)


there are also those that can be found in the office environment. however, they focused on hearing rather than providing convenience in taking images. as soon as you start talking to your colleague sitting next to you, you can see it out of the corner of your eye, a curiosity spaniel whose neck grows from the opposite side and whose ear is suitable. i wish god's patience for me and an increase in the speed of my remaining days. amin.


optical device that acts as an eye when submarines are cruising under water. its name is identified with submarines, but it is also used on land. it should be long and thin in submarines, but in this case, it causes a decrease in light intensity and a narrower view angle. to solve this problem, the periscope is reinforced with lenses. ° can rotate to the right and left. to x-ray the surface of the water, the periscope is raised above the surface of the water and quickly rotated 360° and dived, the data is analyzed underwater.


it's the company that shut down periscope. (see: march 31, 2017 blocking access to periscope)


(see periscope)


döğüx (see: up periscope)


it actually has a very simple setup. you can get two mirrors in a square shape (actually any shape can be done, but i say square for convenience) to make a 45 degree angle parallel to each other by inserting them into a 1-meter pipe made of plaster board to make something at home. the reflecting sides of the mirrors should face each other. of course, it is not possible to make advanced periscopes that can zoom like animals at home (i failed).


it's a super tool. it is useful to cut the surroundings from the submarine without being noticed. two mirrors placed parallel to each other and at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal are sufficient. it works with the following logic. target >>> ................. v ................. v ......... ........ v ................. >>> = eye dots (.) sea level, arrow-like marks (> and v) direction of light, slash (/) also represents mirrors :)

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