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contrary to the misconceptions, there is no pork in pepperoni in the country.. and it has similar properties with sausage, it is less spicy.. if we say that sausage or pepperoni is better, we need to fry it in oil and look at it..


italian salami. a must for pizza$eni.


sausage that is upsetting when mixed with jalapeno and taken out of the ordered pizza just because its name reminds pepper. (see: a friend)


"pepperoni is for assholes and idiots."


pork meat product, which has very different properties with sausage, goes worse or better depending on its place. for example, just as your attempts to make egg and sausage with pepperoni will not meet your expectations, just like putting sausage on pizza is an unsuccessful attempt. because pepperoni isn't as spicy as sausage, it doesn't go well with eggs. but on the other hand, since it is softer and oilier, * it does not dry like sausage on the pizza, it becomes very king.


although i know that it is also produced with beef other than pork, i wonder if the producers in the country dare to produce it with pork. it is not like mixing offal with meat products because it is clearly forbidden, since we are so muslims. although stealing was also forbidden, but... all aside, pizza is delicious food.


translated into the as "sucuk" in a series on cnbc-e.


(bkz: beberuhi)*