people who don't use instagram

people who don't use instagram

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the segment i'm in. i hate taking pictures. free jobs.


am writing from my cave as someone who has never used it, who loves himself a little bit, who wants to leave his head alone, is not contagious anyway. i am so happy, very comfortable. is my advice.


it is the person who says "instagram is nice but benena".


mine. i am so disgusted that you constantly take pictures, pose as a gibbon baboon for more likes, don't like any pose and have 98786876 photos taken by the other side, and treat yourself as an ornament in the window. edit: i'm ugly, the beautiful woman wanted to show herself but i didn't use it, i don't know what. i don't have any social media accounts, i guess i'm too ugly to leave the house under these conditions.


i don't use it. what will i share, my suffering?


as a person who has escaped from a disgusting medium where everyone is trying to show off to each other, it has a great impact on peace. when i think about it now, it seems ridiculous to look at a photo or story of someone i haven't seen in years.


charlotte bronte, in her book "villette-in the shadow of the past", may provide a reason when she includes the following lines, perhaps unconsciously, or as a matter of course: "the mind sometimes has the opposite state of calming down instead of being disturbed by misunderstanding, and in places where we cannot introduce ourselves as we are. i guess we get some sort of pleasure from being totally ignored."