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it is a very dirty question whether the prime minister will visit or not. so we can see the seven differences between him and the singer.


the information that his heart stopped was given in fox news, and then it was mentioned that he had polemics with his ex-wife and that he used drugs, showing a golden stick and saying, "oh dear viewer, take care of yourself. if you lead such a life, such a disaster may happen to you at a young age, and besides, you deserve it. " with intonation.


well-intentioned person who came to us a few years ago, while waiting for the test results in the hospital with my mother, half unconscious, and tried to improve our morale. you may not like his acting or his personality, but he deserves respect when compared to people who appear on tv for 5 minutes and twitch in november. his child was sick that day and he said, "don't worry about us like that". i hope she doesn't upset her children and gets well soon.


even if he was aggressive, even if he insulted the mother of the police, if the way of the ambulance was blocked, that policeman is 100% wrong. there is no slide. it's pointless to defend the police under any circumstances.


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