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peep show

Channel 4 in England is broadcasting a super series in which two losers discuss the continual misfortunes of their roommates. It is a typical British comedy series with ordinary people, a subtle script, and humorous jokes. Being British is inherently humorous, so sometimes it doesn't require extra effort to make it funny.


peep show

This is a very funny yet depressing series. Its realism prevents one from laughing at the disgrace like one would with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". One cannot be ashamed to say "fortunately I'm not Michael Scott" like one would with characters from "The Office". This series definitely leaves a bad aftertaste, and it is unclear what the character called Super Hans is saying.


peep show

The scene in Episode 3x03 made me laugh out loud. Without giving away too much, Jes gives Mark a high dose of antipyretic and takes him to bed to sleep. She is worried that he might not wake up, but then she has a thought before leaving the room: "It'll be okay. It's not like I'm going to rape him...I could rape him...I'm not going to rape him.


peep show

The legendary comedy series, which is the clearest example of being ashamed for others.

He makes you laugh like crazy despite his English accent, lack of subtitles or difficulty to find, despite the fact that the super hans fag's speech is often incomprehensible.
Think about how you would split if you understood it all.

By the way, the Turkish equivalent of the character of jeff in the series is the son of a bitch.

It's by far my favorite in jez.


peep show

It is a great series featuring a character named Mark Corrigan, who decides to marry a woman he does not love in order to avoid embarrassment.


peep show

It is unfortunate that it is so underrated. It is a delightful English series and I am astonished and dismayed.


peep show

I suppose that doing things you dislike is simply the cost you must pay in order to avoid feeling lonely.

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