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mangy person with stupid stupid moves.


he is a person who was able to brush the student representative of yeditepe university in front of the whole school (in front of the law faculty) because he was protesting the cafeterias. when i was a student of yeditepe, i was annoyed with your type. i'm still annoyed. he is also the head of vetch food. until the morning he will be exposed to nihat doğan's songs.


talked to him today and added a new rule to the school's regulation. (bkz: so much win) a man who listens to you and tries to understand you if you go to his room for reasonable and logical reasons. in an educational environment where there is no easy communication even with the professors, it is quite possible to enter the room of the peace dalan by asking only his secretary or his bodyguards and briefly talking about your problem. he offered tea and coffee to the man. dude ya..


he turned down the dormitory scholarship that a very close friend of mine demanded by talking about his family situation, saying, "you knew when you came to this school that you didn't have a father". although my friend thinks that barış dalan may have said such a sentence unintentionally because he was very tired during the day, he is a man who has lost all his dignity in my eyes since the day this conversation took place.


he is the son of bedrettin dalan. he was taken into custody as part of the ergenekon operation .


he is the person who will not turn you down if you dress properly and shave when you go to him. when i went to talk to change departments, he even asked me whether i needed a scholarship or not. he expects the respect that can be shown only to an elder from the students who seem like everyone else. he is also the best student at school. manages.