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pavlov's dog

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the name of pavlov's dog, which is incapable of naming his dog.

the dog, which is more famous than the pavlov. what is the name of this :


the dog used by the russian scientist "ivan petrovich pavlov" for his experiment. pavlov found classical conditioning by using the dog's eating reflexes.


an experiment similar to that can be seen in banks. at every plink voice, people look at an electronic sign on a sheet of paper saying "i wonder if it is my turn right now." however, they also know that there are 30 more people to them. people who examine their surroundings, like me, miss their turns.


i do not identify with itself from time to time. for example, when i was walking in the crowd, as soon as i heard the melody of my mobile phone, when i put my hand in my pocket and realized that the phone did not come to me, i feel like a dog of pavlov. o what technology will you have ...

if you are going to be someone's dog, go find this dog ..
(see: find her baby)

works for abdominal fullness.


-don't ring this bell anymore.


it is what people are conditioned and remember every time they talk about conditioning.


ethology is the branch of science that studies animal behavior. but when pavlov studied the reflexes in these dogs, he was investigating the origins of human behavior. this experiment measured and observed the behavior of a dog acting outright hunger, not just any human being. the result obtained proves how much human is biologically an animal. it also reveals the biological aspects of animals and humans.


her belly rings a bell.


we will be a member of the high science society, which continues to add more and more reputation over the years. just like fleming's mushrooms, mendel's peas, they were neither able to sign an enlightened consent to voluntarily participate to be a subject, nor to freely choose an owner to be associated with the owner, covering his anonymity. we remember him with mercy.


the conditional warrior i guess made it to the top three in the world's most famous dog list. a well-intentioned friend whose name has been used as a well-known method proverbial.


this dog has proven how we learn our fears.


poor dog, whose sight of pipes coming out of his hole neck in a high school 1 psychology book has always upset me ... pity.


the soviet sculptor bezpalov erected the statue of this heroic dog in 1935 on the vineyard of the pavlova academy in leningrad. this wish came from the scholar pavlov himself.


later: the address for the picture has been corrected.


pavlov conditioned these poor animals by subjecting them to various tortures such as starving.

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