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it is a jewish holiday. in egypt it is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of the israelites from slavery under the leadership of moses, their crossing of the red sea and their arrival in the holy land after 40 years of wandering in the sinai desert, and to pass this story on to future generations. meatless bread is eaten during the feast. (see matsa)


although there are debates about exactly where the name of the holiday comes from, the generally believed story; it is believed that the israelites, who were freed by the pharaoh, left without waiting for the bread dough to ferment. in order to commemorate this abandonment, unleavened food is eaten during this holiday, yeast is not consumed. (see: passover)


the jewish holiday, which makes me wonder if there are similar deer circulating among themselves about whether baking powder can be used instead of yeast, just like our question "does chewing gum break the fast?".


i congratulate the holiday of our jewish friends. let everything be a bridge to peace. there is something i don't understand. it is this; why don't they allow jews to talk about their day on television on their special days, on their holy days? we have lived together for centuries. this also applies to other faiths. are we governed by islamic sharia? seems silly to me. may everything be fine. let's not lose our colors like this country colorful flower. we are beautiful like this and strong like this.


i congratulate all our jewish friends on passover holiday. strong the country, strong israel, eternal alliance.


(see: pastry) (see: passover) (see: passover)


happy passover jews. even if your memory is not happy.


celebrated with sour cherry jam on matsa.