pass with dd

pass with dd

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if the credit of the course is low, it will be ignored, if the credit is high, it will make you cry.


it is the tactic that made me finish school on time. my advice to young post-adolescents is to push a course to the end, enter the final etc. make sure it doesn't usually leave


sometimes it is even more valuable than aa. saves you from retaking the lesson.


the emphasis changes according to the student's laziness, see: "pass with dd" and "pass with dd"


the action that brought me to this day and played the most important role in the permanence of my success. my philosophy. the word "stability" comes to mind immediately. may god not give a little and search, give a lot and surprise him. i wish success to the bell bastards who will enter 2012 kpss. let's see "which are the g8 countries?" is it possible to answer such a question as swallowing the plant physiology course and running around the teacher's ass? ass tulips you.


(bkz: take the dd course again and make ff)


average lowering pass grade. it relaxes you as much as the opponent's shot from the post.


the event that caused you to celebrate when it happened while you were waiting for ff.

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