parliamentary system

parliamentary system

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it is a bourgeois theater constructed on the basis of the ruling class imposing the elections of the communities on the people by using various rules, laws and other pressure elements and continuing the exploitation order. as the inevitable result of class warfare, it will eventually fall into the dustbin of history.


"it's running smoothly" - tayyip "where does the presidential enthusiasm come from then?" - swordsman is something like that. using it in a sentence gives endless pleasure. some just use it in cime.


it is an ongoing system by imposing political actors who basically defend the same things on the people in every election for the continuation of the current order. on the other hand, the public is consoled by the delusion that they have changed something with the choices they have made in the artificial environment created by the dominant media channels. […t-sarikaya-mesrutiyet.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot. com/…t-sarikaya-mesrutiyet.jpg]



system that can be applied not only in republican regimes but also in kingdoms. (see: great britain and the united kingdom of northern ireland) (see: kingdom of netherlands) (see: kingdom of denmark) (see: kingdom of sweden) (see: kingdom of belgium) (see: kingdom of spain)