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it is a mediocre movie that tries to get itself watched by using the sense of curiosity. 5/10


the production was nominated for "best costume design" at the 34th goya awards. they tried to make something like a modern scary fairy tale and it turned out to be a 17 year old movie.


complete waste of time. not only is it bad, it's still a good movie, but it's also a frustrating movie. you must have a very strong body to watch it till the end.


the first trailer has been published.


names such as milla jovovich, emma roberts and eiza gonzalez draw attention in the cast of the project.


contrary to many comments, i think it's a pretty good movie. unfortunately, in the film industry, where we are familiar with extreme action, films with this kind of visual feast and design do not hold. the plot is quite beautiful and the symbolic language is also successful in my opinion. a movie about stereotyping and the system that ultimately kills us. my criticism of the movie is that the rhythm is slow and it sparks less curiosity. it gives the uncanny at the last minute, but it would be more interesting if he had hints in the movie.


it's a movie i don't like even though it's my two favorite celebrities (milla jovovich, emma roberts). so imagine messi and ronaldo are on the field but the match is boring. it was that kind of movie for me. empty mysteries, a superficial narrative with no purpose. would have been if it didn't exist.


the visuals of the movie were inspired by the concept of alice in wonderland, and frankly, it wasn't bad at all as the only good thing about the movie was its visuals. emma roberts, whose film i follow on twitter, posted photos from the set and said, "what kind of atmosphere, what a strange film i suppose?" i waited with my heart down, i should not have waited, they hunted people like me with those fantastic photos.