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a medicine that can cause your liver to get into your hands as hepatitis when you consume 1000 mg tablets like chickpeas, saying it's a panacea. (see: paracelsus)


it is the fixture of the dutch health system. whichever hospital you go to, choose the home doctor you want, but this is the only thing they recommend. they don't understand shit else. mubarak is not a medicine but a panacea like mesir paste. does your back hurt? fuck the doctor, take paracetamol, nothing will happen in an hour. did you have a fever? hoooop you're like a paracetamol hitch iron. are you upset? or are you depressed? but if you don't play hoptek in two minutes, i'm rude.


a drug found in almost every home that assists in poisoning. since it is found in every house, it is involved in many suicides. it has been observed that some of them take this drug at home for suicide purposes, drink assists with pleasure, and self-medicate without realizing it*.


it is the backbone of the dutch healthcare system. when you go to the doctor because of diseases such as cold, headache, broken arm, hair loss, cancer, aids, it is recommended to take 2 and rest. if taken for a few days in a row, it will destroy everything in the stomach and intestines.


when my 22-year-old healthy friend has cirrhosis, i can better understand the effects on the liver, luckily i don't use it at all. for those who use it, i would say if you have to, take it as much as possible, do not drink it twice for tea. although it is associated with tylol hot, for some drugs containing it: (see drugs containing paracetamol)


strong pain reliever. in some commercial forms, it is found together with caffeine because caffeine increases the absorption of paracetamol. thus, paracetamol acts more quickly. if there is no caffeine in the medicine you use and you want the medicine to act quickly, you can drink coffee.