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it is clearly seen that the siha has stopped its missile. just as karius parries the position by conceding a goal, he also parries it with an explosion. like something too! note: sihahahah


instead of military weapons of nato origin, russian garbage was praised on this site by so-called keyboard strategists. once again, we have seen that the country must turn its direction to the west, not only in terms of social and economic aspects, but also militarily. huh, we said to turn the direction to the west, it doesn't mean to be the dog of the west.


i don't know if bayraktar tb-2 pantsir shot them, but i know that the anka-s developed by tusaş shot the pantsirs in syria. the targets hit by anka-s are deliberately written to the flag bearer by the press. i think everyone more or less understands why this is done. the country's best gun is the anka-s. stay away from those who make flag-bear propaganda. anka-s is a top league siha from bayraktar tb2. what is said about bayraktar tb-2, but after all, i keep silent because it is the weapon of our country.


the title where we see the akçomars that have fallen to the ekrem imamoglu complex even from the russian rocket system. do not be afraid, there is bread for you in our government. but you will earn that bread by working. wh


when you get "information about the israeli operation and last year", get the information that they are different from me.


i deal with the fact that they were shot by our guns while they were active, as an engineer, and i think it is the embodiment of the phrase who loves his homeland the most, does his job best. let me also point out that we will pass through it sons of bitches.

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