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as the great poet and mystic (see: mevlana) stated in his sentence "come again, whoever you are", in this view, no matter what a person does, he is worthy of love because he is a human first. for he is man, the reflection of god, and not to love him is not to love god. the pantheism view, unlike religions, adopts being a good person and treating people well, not to burn in hell, but out of love for god (hence everything in the universe).


view that sees everything in the universe as god


briefly the thought that god is identical with nature


a phenomenon that corresponds exactly to the concept of unity of existence in the science of sufism. $ can also be summarized as; "if we had a mirror big enough to face the universe, we would see only one thing in that mirror: god..."


idea that explains the phenomenon of motion in a very entertaining way. that is, if the entire universe is actually an entity, the phenomenon we call motion is not very meaningful either. pantheists explain it this way, for example, while a cat goes from point a to point b, like a wave traveling over the sea, the part of the universe where the cat is located becomes a cat, and this movement continues from where it starts to where it ends. then the cat passes me and i get a little catty. meow.*


pantheism does not bend like the others, accepts everything as it is. encompasses both the good and the bad. everything that happens in the universe, every event is a part of god. so it is both a bit materialistic and a bit anarchic. but when you are asked what is god, you can point to anything and say that's it. that's the fun part. you can also talk to your god by looking at the milky way. pantheism teaches to live life as it is. with all the emotions you feel...


a doctrine that has gathered the event in one point at least does not branch out..