panic attack

panic attack

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imagine you are jumping from a tall building... you fall screaming, you are about to crash. it's all about to end... that's exactly the feeling when choosing cucumbers at the supermarket.


it made me suffer a's difficult and an inconvenience that can definitely be overcome with's hard if you say give need to keep your mind busy all the time...if you sit around like a kukuman bird and listen to yourself...your job is pretty hard....just it's not a medicine keep yourself will be your greatest helper and you will get through it...i made it.... god bless you, what can i say..


there are people who really live because of this, their quality of life has decreased. maybe these are the people who follow this thread and support each other. but the friend who commented above was studying medicine and according to him, this disease was a fabrication. it was ridiculous and the people who experienced it were sick (!) what if we were a little sensitive