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travel agency that organizes domestic and international tours from ankara. its prices and service quality are always higher than its competitors in ankara. it is very difficult to understand this difference without participating in the tours. means of transportation, hotel, etc. in addition, detailed planning and professionalism make itself felt in tours.


when i looked at the prices of international tours, i hurled a big insult. are you crazy bro, i went to the same cities, of course, not by walking, we also went by plane and stayed in the most beautiful places. i don't understand what kind of rigging logic this is, but it's a pity, really.


ankara's travel agency that usually organizes outdoor expeditions. its place is around the paris hairdresser in tunali hilmicadesi. although it is an old agency, i have visited its flights once and half satisfied until now. half-satisfied because the guide strayed and walked the group through knee-deep snow for about an hour longer.


it is a tour company that is especially attentive to travel content and guide selection. i have participated in many domestic tours of different companies until now. what i was most disturbed about was the arrogance of the guides, which was inversely proportional to their knowledge, and they confused themselves with the animator and chose to act as a monkey instead of giving information. i even saw someone fall on the driver while trying to pull people out on the bus and get a belly button. but only tempo tour guides had good organizational skills, knowledge and courtesy expected from a guide.


now a tour company from ankara, which also organizes small trips abroad. he took a planeload of people to italy on eid, and a planeload of people to egypt. those who went to egypt were satisfied.


the tour company that i recommended to everyone after my trip to helsinki- stocholm - oslo -bergen - geilo- copenhagen that i joined last year.


tour company with which i joined the tour of scandinavia, the balkans, and finally the volga.