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the fitness program that i started the mass version of as of today. as someone who has done p90x before, i found it a bit short but definitely not useless. it's a very well prepared program for people who don't have time. i'm thinking of going with this for a while and then hybridizing with the p90x; ie taking cardio programs from it and muscle work from it. of course, if it's enough, i can continue with that. here's what tony reyiz says: "if you can't finish this program, go live at mcdonalds" the man is right guys.


tony dad thought of us and prepared a one-to-one work program for those with a high work tempo and time constraints, called p90x3 and implemented it.


a wonderful program that reminds me that fatigue is not spent lying down but by doing sports.


the program that seems to be difficult to continue (by signing up for fitness twice and leaving) has articles in the authors' entries such as i'll edit it here and update it week by week, but no one has edited it yet.

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