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the program that i wish to keep form by watching the movements in the video, not by watching.


i will start the second week of today. i would like to convey my humble views and experiences about the first week. let me add that i have applied the classic calendar.

first of all, let me state that i have completed the focus t25, insanity max 30 and insanity programs in the last 7 months consecutively and that i have lost about 10 kilos in this period. i am in good condition, you will understand right now.

let me say this: i also read what is written in the title and i am still reading it over and over again. do not be afraid. because, including this one, all 3 programs i have completed before are based on "pushing the limit". so you will compete with yourself. don't try to fall in love with the video, most of them are professionals. then it will be vomiting to catch up with the men, the rat under it asjfdjsafdaj

"do what you can, do 1 more next time" - that's your motto. do not force it so that i will do it too much, lift it heavier. do it properly, do it fully, and the number will increase over time.

now let me talk about the exercises:

there was the 1st day. it was the most challenging exercise for me. a workout based on push-ups and pull-ups. my triceps seemed to explode. during training, i felt such a burning sensation for the first time :) but the main problem was that my chest and sides were aching for the next 3 days. the second month of insanity is a little bit for the upper body, but obviously it did not upset the chest and back for 1 month. by the way, since i cannot use pull-up iron, i am using resistance rubber. when the single tire was too light, i put the 4 tires i bought in a set on the holding device. it was so beautiful and tough that i lift her body by tugging on her while getting up from the ground. it is not necessarily as difficult as a pull-up bar, but since i suffered a lot of pain after training, it works. by the way, in the second round of diamond push-up, i have run out of battery. let me add that. as you know, my arms could not lift the body on the 5th after pulling the 4th. i even waited for 3-4 seconds in case of recovery, my arms were not raised again. fortunately, it was the last part of the training now, i did not have any other problems in the rest. then there was 15 minutes. you do 349 sit-ups and similar movements and it really works the abdominal muscles very well. those who do it for the first time have a hard time and the next day will also suffer from pain. i had a slight pain the next day, but most of the time i didn't even feel it.

day 2 was the day. i was irritated even when i saw his name because i could not like the hopping workouts like that. what did my soles hurt while doing insanity ... it helped that i was trained before. i finished the training without excessive difficulty. i sweated like crazy, but i finished the program without the need to seriously breathe. if you are overweight, this will force you, let me tell you. wear shoes, if possible, do not work directly on concrete and avoid excessive strain on your ankles and knees.

he had training on the 3rd day. you work with dumbbells in this workout. i still had chest pain while doing this. therefore, i experienced extra pain especially in shoulder movements. apart from this pain, there was no such extreme strain. i did 20 and 25 of all and finished the training. by the way, i only used a 3-pound dumbbell in the first week, guys. because i was afraid of severe muscle pain. my upper body is not very strong. my previous programs have contributed, but it still does not have as much endurance as the lower body. that's why i used a 3-pound dumbbell in the first week. as of today, i will work with 5 kilos. i can go like this for 2 weeks and then increase again. haaaa, then i also did ab ripper x.

the 4th day came famous. while reading the comments here and the left to the right, while thinking "yeaaa yoga, how hard can it be xd", on the other hand, "if no man?!?!?" frankly, i entered the mode. yes i tested it guys, the first 45 minutes is really hard. be careful, don't get injured. i almost injured both shoulders while i was doing this "movement of passing one arm under the thrust forward leg and joining the other arm behind the waist with the other arm". you know there's a muscle inside and it's like they put a knife in there. i was scared, i stretched it for 5 minutes, i was relieved when the pain passed and i continued like that. you also have to watch and learn the movements beforehand, because when you try to do it and look at how it is done, you cannot do the movements exactly. so sit down and watch how the movements are done 1 day ago.

by the way, i thought, if i had started this program from scratch 7 months ago, my belly probably wouldn't let me do yoga x. so if you have belly, do as much as you can, you don't need to double like that, i couldn't do that anyway ahahahaha

there was the 5th day. i made the video completely, as i was used to making the mother of the legs cry before. i can not say that i was too hard, but even now the squat pains in my inner thighs and ass are still mild. even when i spent the weekend with such a leg pain, i wondered if insanity was not working hard on the inner leg.

day 6 was the last workout of the week. it was an enjoyable workout consisting of punching, kicking and blocking. i could not fully do the side and back kicks because my legs hurt. but overall he sweated well. i made ab ripper x, which i forgot to do the previous day, after that.

i spent the last day lying down. i saw a loss of 500 g when i weighed today. the acceleration of the weight loss, which had slowed down and even to a halt this week, raised my spirits. it has been a week with a perfectly balanced and clean diet. i only ate the treats since we went to visit with the lady one evening. other than that, it was very good. if i continue at this pace, i will enter the feast 2 kilos lighter, but of course i do not know how it will be if the muscle tissue increases and it is reflected in weight.

i was actually going to write when the first month was over, but i wanted to write the first week in a very hot way. i'll evaluate the next part when the first month is over. goodbye for now

---------------------------- 1st month edition ------------------ -------

yes folks, the 1st month is over, 1 week was blank due to the holiday and i started the 2nd month as of yesterday. in this 1-week gap, food and drink went rampant. i was thinking that i definitely took what i lost, on the contrary i lost even more weight. the result of the first month is 1.6 kg lost. but besides that, i have received the compliments that i have not received in my life in the last 10 days. now it is summer, so everybody who saw the thick clothes went and thinner clothes said "voaay amk" thanks. they stated that my shoulders and arms looked very good, and my belly was in place. even the younger ones asked what i was doing, the change attracted a lot of attention. these were the reactions of those who had not seen me for a long time. because then i had +12 kilograms, cheeks, ass, belly. people i spoke with before the p90x also said that my body was getting in quite a lot shape. this is also important.

if i am going to evaluate about the training: you are getting used to it ...

asfdjkagsd joking aside, the most challenging for me was yoga x and chest & back. but my flexibility in yoga has increased, i have become a little more skilled. in others, my repeat numbers generally increased. i usually say because there was so much movement that i increased the weights and not increased the number of repetitions. the last week was a comfortable week, but it sweated like a donkey again.

now let me finish this 2nd month, then we meet again. they kiss.

------------------------ 2nd month edition ---------------------- -

well, the second month is over. you don't inform me ... i forgot to post here. alright, ahaha.

now the first week of the 3rd month is ending, there has been a little forgetfulness.

how was the 2nd month? honestly it was like the first month. unfortunately, the days that are heavy on cardio -plyometrics, for example- it was incredibly difficult to be in the summer. i even admit you couldn't finish the plyometric this month because of the heat. i did it for half an hour and left it to avoid dying from excessive dehydration. yoga as well. though i did the yoga 2 times but the plyo died ...

in the second month, instead of chest and back, chest, shoulders and triceps come into play. there are very interesting push-ups in this. for example, i passed the push-up with one arm with zero in the first 2 weeks. no so i couldn't lift myself. i made 5-6 from allah last week. there were also push-ups that jumped and clapped hands, that made me helpless. even though i did not shit as much as push-ups with a single arm, i never got past 8. in short, the first training day of the week is the most effective day in the second month as in the first month.

instead of shoulders and arms comes back and biceps. in this, you lift plenty of dumbbells and pull up pull-ups or hang a band in between. tastefully fine.
legs and back remain on the same day as in the first month. just like plyo, yoga and kenpo x.

it cannot be said that i have observed a special development in my body this month. i guess i need to burn a little more fat. because even if there is an improvement, it does not appear because of the fat layer that i have not yet burned. i weigh 73.4 kilos according to what i weighed in the morning. i lost almost 13 kilos in 9 months, of course, the weight loss event has slowed down. and let me confess, i buried chips or something once a week. i left the workouts in order not to faint some days due to the heat. under all these circumstances this has happened, thank god what should i say.

now i will take a 2-week annual leave, unfortunately i will have to take a break from the program for 1 week. i say, let me reach recovery week at least until feast week.

i will definitely update the situations.

greetings & regards ...

------------ 3rd month edition ------------

hi ladies and gentlemen!

actually, i should have done this editi when the next week is over, but unfortunately things are messed up. how confused let me tell you sir.
first of all, let me say that the third month of this program is not 4 but 5 weeks, unlike the other two months. those who do will understand it easily: in the 1st and 3rd weeks of this month, you make the weekly schedule of the 1st month, and the weekly schedule of the 2nd month in the 2nd and 4th weeks, and complete the p90x by recovering in the last week.
i had already stated in the previous edit that a week would be a lie, as i will be on annual leave. i did the first week of this without any problem. the first week of my 2-week leave was supposed to continue, but i could only do the first 2 days. the remaining 12 days were a huge gap. i said anyway, let me accept it as if i did the 2nd week, i will make the remaining 3 weeks and put a stop. i returned from leave with 3 kilos more. i didn't eat like a human, friends, it was an all-inclusive holiday for a week. if i wanted you to vomit, it would be enough to write what i bought on my plate the last night. morale is zero zero zero of course. i started this because i would give at least 2 of this in these 3 weeks. i hugged at the beginning of last week in a very motivated way. i guess it would be very good if i had taken into account the slight pain in my shoulder while doing push-ups on the first day and had not worked the shoulder on the 3rd day before i recovered fully. because i quit sports for 5 days. i've been better since yesterday, but i had a hard time moving my arm for the first 3 days. people are afraid when injury is involved, and my shoulder will be injured in every force, as if they would be there. anyway, today i'm in the middle of week 2 and my pain has passed 95 percent, i continue today without exerting too much pressure. i will accept the days i was empty as i did, because the taste of the work was lost this month. when i said that it was leave, disability, hot, my third month became a bastard. i even lost 1 kg that i took as a consolation, despite the lack of exercise. i'd better lose at least 1 more kilo in the remaining 1.5 weeks.

since i will not edit again, i want to write my general views about the program now. friends, this program is really effective. but as long as you pay attention to nutrition and rest issues. what i mean by nourishment is definitely not going hungry. i even observed that i ate more and lost more weight than the previous week. you will eat clean, folks, there are million articles on the net, if you read a little, you will understand what i mean. i was fed mainly by considering the principles of the karatay teacher. but look, i am not saying i did the karatay diet. because the woman stated in her book that it is not suitable for those who do heavy sports. but here's the basics i followed the rules he said, so i minimized the foods that contain sugar or increase insulin quickly, i reduced the carbohydrate a little (don't cut it), i drank plenty of water, you know that already. when i went on leave, my friends appreciated everyone who saw a wife, friend, and relatives, and they said continue. i saw the top four of my 6 packs vaguely for the first time in my life. 10 months ago, my belly was starting from my diaphragm. one step to the obesity limit. it also contributes psychologically, of course, people feel good.

in addition to nutrition and rest, let me give 1-2 more advice about training. dear friends, you will lift weights, pull up push-ups, pull up pull-ups, you will jump and jump when the place comes. so try to do the movements properly, as tony said, and don't force it too hard. look, or you will be injured like me, you will lose your rhythm. i would say do yoga, but it's really too long or for a long time. i usually quit in the last 15 minutes, when those abdominal movements started. i have endured 3 or 4 times to the end. do as much as you can, but don't leave it in half an hour. on the day of jumping, do not jump on the soles of your feet, be like a cat, bounce on your toes. you will have your actions like push-ups with a single arm, push-ups by jumping, assemble the two arms in yoga as if they are on the ass and crane, which i define as "sikimsonic" throughout the program. you will be happy even when you fuck like it. do not hurt yourself while doing them, as much :)

and most importantly don't be demotive. let me tell you that you leave the moment you are.

now i intend to do a round of focus t25 at the end of this program and start a hybrid program that combines p90x with insanity like christmas, but i also have a direct dive into hybrid. but the places where i live will continue to be hot for a month. let's see, i want to enter such a harsh program in a more humane conditions. i will write them here surely.

do not be without sports, friends i am open to all questions except link requests. greetings :)


those who do not have a sports background or who have not exercised for a long time have difficulty with the p90x. i suggest that those who cannot complete the training sessions or do sloppy ones start with power 90. better than giving up and quitting altogether.

with the p90 + p90m + p90x you will apply one after the other by paying attention to your diet, after a total of 270 days, your body becomes bad and you will be incredibly fit. so there is no need to squeeze everything into 90 days.


i bought a pull-up bar to start but it didn't fit the beams and the door mk i will use natural gas pipes for pull-ups and be 3rd page news.


if you haven't exercised for a long time, try other power fitness programs as warm-up tours before this program. otherwise, the program that makes you see it in reverse.

my girlfriend heard this, bought the dvd set and brought it home. he said, "i'll start and you join." i gave it my consent as a gentleman who never refused a woman's offer and as someone who had experienced how he looked at the topless handsome guys at festivals we went to all summer long. this is how the 4 most painful days of my life began.

as i said, i haven't done sports for a long time. my girlfriend goes to the gym from time to time, but she did not work with a program like a man. we sat down, took out our schedule, bought the tools, went to the middle of the hall and started. i occasionally cut the women in the back, and my darling is focused on the diamonds of the men on the screen. the first 5 minutes is not a problem. brother says do this, it happens even if we have a little difficulty. it says extend this here, if necessary, we stretch it as if we take it into space. it has been 10 minutes, straining, sweating and straining have started. it's been 15 minutes, the girl threw herself into her seat, i'm dying.

that minute i was going to leave this job. that minute, “okay girl got her enthusiasm, it's over, it's gone. i was going to grab two beers from the fridge, watch a movie, eat junk food ”. instead, i entered the "man me" tribune and finished the program the first day, but i was worse than dying. you know, i couldn't speak for an hour. anyway, then i took a few drugs, vitamins or something and i recovered a little.

come on, you finished the first day somehow, why are you pushing the second day man? i went through again and started jumping in the middle of the hall. i'm in pain again, the girl drinks a beer on the sofa and goes on facebook. i surrender my soul, he fries the pattis inside and finds mayonnaise ... what was it, i finished the work again. i don't remember how i got into bed, how i slept that evening. after the workout, all i remember was that i somehow threw myself into the bathtub and sat under water for half an hour without doing anything.

the third and last day was the climax of everything. i was left in the 10th minute when i started to apply the program on top of my body's pain for 2 days. when i said i stayed, i stayed in the area you know. something happened to my waist, i can't move. i thought i was dying, i swear, what a pain it was, friend. with the help of my girlfriend, i first took a shower, ate some hot water, then threw myself into the bed there, i loved it.

when i woke up the next morning, i couldn't move. moreover, this time my whole body could not move. stop getting out of bed, i couldn't even push the duvet forward a little. i got permission from work, i sleep at home looking at the ceiling. i can't go to the doctor, man. my boss asked what happened, and the girl said, "i will race with the man on the screen," he said, because he got injured. luckily, the boss also had a woman who used to graduate from sports school and worked in gyms at the time. such things happen to those who entered this program in a crude way like me. thank god, he came after work and asked nervously why we were involved in such stupid business without consulting him. he tried a couple of far east movements that he learned from his lover and i became able to move a little on me. at least i could go to pee now. anyway, the next day i went to a doctor, i ate a few needles there and got a little more self-conscious. i bought the dvd set as i came home and threw it into the trash saying "damn fitness sports and muscular men too".

whereas whatever dreams i had, i took a photo or something. at the end of 90 days, i will look at my old state and make fun of it ... uh ...


it is the program that should be preferred by people who are overweight and want to increase their muscle mass by giving fat, not weak people who want to gain weight by increasing their muscle mass.


the bodybuilding program i started on 14.02.2013. my brief notes about the first week's program * are as follows **:

- if you haven't been exercising for a long time, the program hurts you no matter how athletic your body is. there are only short water breaks (30 seconds) and your life will last from movement to action. i think i will get used to this more in the second week. during the first day's training, i had the most difficulty in diamond push-up. (after 24 hours, my muscles still hurt.)

second week edition: now i can do all the movements except diamond easily. sometimes i put more than the video, that's that degree. i mean, don't be afraid.

- the second day's training was spent with leg work. the challenge i experienced here was also with the heartbeat. at the beginning of the video, his name appears in the list of must-haves, and you will understand how necessary this is when you do this workout. after a while i started to hear the echo of my heartbeat inside my brain. not really tired, but i was afraid that something happened to me and pause at some points and waited to calm down. you should definitely get one of these heart rate check clocks - look especially the polar brand ones - because the moment the heartbeat reaches a certain point (a value calculated with your age) it starts to alarm. the best thing is to work with it. anyway, our brother tony horton checks his status in the video from time to time. (but the guy of course no clicks.): i think my poor condition has a lot to do with this. i do not think i will get so tired in the coming weeks, but the same effect and tiredness have happened with my other friends.

: i did it without difficulty, with a little sweet fatigue, just pausing to drink water for 10-15 seconds or so. so it is a fitness job :)

- on the third day, there are shoulder and arm exercises. in this workout, you are progressing on dumbbells and push-ups, which seemed to me the easiest workout so far. there are interesting moves, you like them even if they are difficult because there are creative things and you may want to do more. it is recommended to make one on it; at the end of the video this is also attached, so don't turn it off as soon as it's finished. as a summary of this day, i can say that as a result of the hard work of the first two days and my previous immaturity, these days i almost had a hard time walking. i feel pain in 8 separate muscles (4 on each side).

- the fourth day was his day. i did yoga for the first time in my life. we can say two parts to this video and the first part was tough to death. the second came relatively easy. anyway, our brother tony says in the video that the first part is more difficult. in summary, we can say that the movements of opening the body and expanding the muscles are for the purpose of this program. you know, there are some people, they open a trak. we can say that this is set to bring a little bit of flexibility to your body, and also to capture a spiritual calmness. its duration was very long (1.5 hours), but it is a work that does not sweat a lot, except for some of the movements in the first episode, and it can be enjoyable if it is done with pleasure, rather than "let it finish as soon as possible". in my opinion, 90% of turkish people either leave the p90x here, or ignore this work by saying that it is empty work, ab ripper x etc.

- if i do not remember correctly, the program is given additionally on the odd numbered days of the first 3 weeks. as this day is the fifth training day, this was also desired as a plus. the program of the day was on developing the legs and back muscles. in general, a leg and an arm (pull-up) work was done. a little tiring but not as much as the others. since we use our leg muscles a lot - if you are not overweight - i think you can apply what you see in the video as well as they are, even if your legs are reflected. that is what happened to me. but in between, reverse, straight, wide pull-ups were taken and i can say that although i saw an improvement in this subject in myself compared to the first day, i still did not have the strength i wanted. at these points, it is recommended to get support with a chair. you can do these exercises by getting support with one leg. this day, i started to take notes on which movement and how many i made for the first time. inspired by these, you can set slightly higher goals next time. i also started keeping a chart of the calorie values ​​of the foods i consume during the day. i'm trying to provide the most correct nutrition. this is an application that is recommended and that i can recommend to you.

- the program that coincides with the 6th day of the first week, so speaking about it, i can say that it is a type of training i like. it's a fun workout filled with punches, kicks, blocks, hooks, uppercuts. it takes about 1 hour again, after which there is no further training. "hıaa!", "huaa !!!" you will be tearing at home and kicking back, back and side. it's pretty fun. i would do it for two hours without getting bored.

after the first week, my general comments are as follows:

1) i thought for a long time whether it was gym or p90x. there was not a quality gym with a coach near me where i was sitting, there was only one sports center of the hotel, which was very difficult for me to go there without my car. so frankly i had to use my preference for the p90x. those in a situation like me, those who do not have the opportunity / time to go to the gym can choose the p90x with peace of mind. what would you say about the pros and cons that come to my mind immediately according to the gym:

uses the + principle: in the gym in general, activities such as working 3 sets and talking for 5-10 minutes, doing deer are famous. in the p90x, because you watch the video, it is possible to get faster results when you say a fast leg, arm, shoulder, abdominal movement.

+ working at home, taking your shower and sitting back is great comfort.

+, the exact materials and all this cost me 45-50 tl in total. other than that, things like this are in the status of products, but if you buy only 3 products that i mentioned, you can do the training completely. that is, a much more economical job compared to that. though sometimes a chair is needed, but you already have more than enough in your home.

- it's just about bodybuilding and sports; there is no sociability involved. if you think about sports and prefer going to the gym to increase your quality of life, the p90x may be the wrong choice for you. however, even if you expect such an expectation, especially if you are overweight, you can choose to reveal your body a little with the p90x and then go to the gym with a more fit.

2) you don't have to start on monday. personally, my tuesdays and wednesdays were disaster intense, other days were relatively comfortable. i started it on thursday so that the 7th day, which is the rest day, coincided with my wednesday. with such an arrangement, you can empty the evening of your busiest day. normally, a workout was given on the 7th day, but this was an enjoyable workout and an enjoyable exercise that is said to be recommended for his muscles. since it is optional, you can organize your schedule accordingly.

3) i think you need to quit smoking as soon as possible in order to carry out the program successfully and get good efficiency. i am very serious about this, especially as a smoker, it is not possible for you to breathe what is called on day 2. (understand from my dehydration: i drank 1.5 liters of water during training, got out of the shower and drank that much more.) those who try to quit can burn my green.

4) diet and sleep patterns are much more important than those exercises. no sugar or salt. too little fat; and try to consume the light version of everything. consume only the egg white. remember, you need a protein-heavy diet in the first month.

5) you should wait 1 - 1.5 hours after eating. you can get energy by drinking bananas, light milk, etc. before exercising, but you have to wait another half hour. if you eat and start sports directly, you cannot complete it, you will be uncomfortable.

6) for the first few days, your muscles will hurt disastrously, then you will think that if i go home now, i should eat, rest a little and do my sport. getting into habit and adopting is very important for you to continue and enjoy.

these are the things that come to my mind for now, if there is anything i need to add in the coming days, i will continue to inform.


yes sir i have started p90x on 1st april 2013 with 1 month delay.

let me start with the materials first.
1 pull-up bar (max 130cm for corridor)
1 push-up bar (the uncle in the video suggested it, i think it does not tire your sensible wrists, very useful)
1 piece of leather finger-cut glove (i bought it compulsorily so that the hands do not have calluses, because there is no sponge in the grip of the bar, hands become calluses)
2 dumble weights adjustable (20 kilos in total)
1 yoga mat / exercise mat (whatever it is called, its thickness is 6mm, i put it on the carpet so that the noise does not go down while jumping)
heart rate monitors were very expensive, i found an app called instant heart rate on my android phone, you stick your finger to the camera, it measures heart rhythm in 10 seconds.

first of all, i changed my eating pattern completely in this 1 month. coke, fast food, sugar, white bread, whole milk, etc. i left all these harmful foods. i lost 5 kilos just by dropping them, with zero exercise. and as of tonight i started the p90x classic program.

first thing i took 6 oily size photos with sexy belly. it comes out with a video called how to bring it. it shows you in which pose you will take a photo there. this is very important for motivation. i did this first thing as soon as i get up in the morning.

i came home around 22:13 and immediately drank 1 cup of protein powder, and half an hour later i hit play and started to do the moves. i have a height of 1.75 200lbs and i am a person who can only pull 1 pull-up. luckily, it allows you to think and pull those who cannot pull up with the help of a chair, tony brother.

standard push-up: 16/12
pull up wide: 9/5
military push-up: 7/5
reverse grin chin up: 9/8
wide fly pushup: 12/7
close hand pull up: 14/11
decline pushup: 3/1 (very difficult second set i did 1 hard)
heavy pants: 20/15 (with 8kg weight)
diamond pushup: 3/1 (the most difficult is almost balance is a problem, pushing is a separate problem)
lawnmover: 16x2 / 15x2 (8kg)
dive bomber: 4/2 (which is pretty hard, especially in the second repetition, almost no cure)
back fly: 15/13 (8kg in both hands)

i also made ab ripper x. but towards the end, i couldn't get off the ground anymore, it was incredibly difficult. at the beginning, after saying how nice 20 or something, i could not officially stand up towards the end, but i still did it, i waited.

ab ripper x:
in & outs: 20
bicycle: 12 + 12 (including reverse)
crunchy frogs: 12
cross leg / wide leg sit-ups: 6
fifer scissors: 8
hip rockin raises: 13
pulse ups: 7
v-up / roll-up combos: 1
oblique v-ups: 20 + 20 (both left and right)
leg climbs: 16
mason twists: 8

i almost never paused while doing the work. i tried to do as many reps as i could in the same time although i could not do the same number of people with the staff. my biggest problem was in bar-fixing. i always did it with the chair, but i always tried to pull it back because the chair was always moving forward, a funny image came out. in the middle of the night i found myself screaming "fuck the floor tile like you". i put a carpet, the carpet slips, i remove the carpet, the chair slips. i will try it again next week by sticking rubber etc. that does not slip on the feet of the chair. in the video, i respond to tony horton's gassing or something. i got really dirty gas i forced myself a lot. frankly, i thought i was going to have a hard time as a heart rhythm, because the body is raw, i didn't hesitate that someone who moves too much will fainter. but he designed the exercise so well that the employee takes a 1-minute water break or a very short rest break when your heart rhythm starts to accelerate unnecessarily. rest breaks max 10 seconds. there is a 10 second rest period after each move.

i drank a lot of water. i am a person who always drinks water during the day. i drank at least 1.5 liters of water while working, as a sip after each movement.

as a result, my upper body is completely sore right now and i cannot lift my arms up. i will go to bed soon, i am not sure if i will be able to get out of bed in the morning. good thing about us we started a job with a raw body.

i downloaded the program from known places in full content. it has everything in it, all excel files, all videos. what and how much to do until the fit test, how you should do it literally. if you know english, you have to be stupid to not be able to do it alone. there is a file called workout manager in the excel files. when you open it, you enter your name, the day you start. you measure your body weight, waist, hip and neck circumference and enter the excel, calculate the body fat ratio and enter the weight and fat ratio you want to be at the end of 90 days accordingly. according to this calculation, it shows you the weight you need to lose per week. the only drawback is that all sizes are denio american measures, inch, lbs, pound.

in the excel file called the nutrition plan, it creates a chart showing the daily serving you need to eat according to your body weight. you need to eat the products written there in the amount of calories determined for you during the day. since i am already in the first month, i consume compulsory protein, it is called fat shredder.

frankly, my first day impressions are that it will be useful. i have plyometrics tomorrow, that's what i'm afraid of. people who do this complain that they cannot walk for 2-3 days. no problem, press play bring it!


a fitness program with a perfect body in 90 days when you do a little research on the internet, it can be seen that many people have achieved a perfect body thanks to this fitness program, and the perfect body mentioned here includes the belly baklava you know. of course, this type and many similar products have the same claims, but the difference of this program is to see incredible 90-day changes in the pictures uploaded by thousands of people on youtube etc. sites, and the number of people who share these exchange videos.

the program generally includes yoga, fitness and bodybuilding exercises to work out certain muscle groups, as well as a 90-day comprehensive nutrition program. another subject they boast about is that you do not need anything other than a pair of dumbles and bows for all these works, so take an hour a day at home, they are doing irony by saying that your navel will be filled with baklava in 90 days.


it is a monument of movements like me, which will make you lose 20 kilos with a 110-pound cluster.
they do it 10 times, there is nothing that you will do it, you develop slowly, the important thing is to provide movement and continuity, if you can achieve this, it is a really useful program.


super program that teaches taking pictures in 15 days.

edit: says 12 weeks though it's kfsnhljsfh over there



program that makes people vulgar.

you start the program and after a while you come here and start arranging the entries to give reason. you do this in an extremely rude and humiliating way.

for example; "i'm telling you for the last time, don't ask again !!", "i'm telling, listen carefully!", "you're going to do it like this !!!", "those who do x never start, they can't do it!".

this underdeveloped human behavior is often seen in gym instructors, in the civilian lives of retired soldiers, and in the social life of some teachers. if you are one of those people who are not able to handle the achievements that others have easily achieved in their hard work, obviously this program can really upset you and contribute to the demoralization of new starters.


the program that i have completed its 3rd week and i am quite satisfied. now i feel good physically and the morale and pleasure of exercising is really indescribable. seriously your quality of life is improving.

the point that i would suggest unlike everyone else is definitely wear shoes during training sessions! you will prevent both ankle injury and you will be more comfortable when doing the movements. maybe i was the only one who tried without shoes at the beginning, i didn't know.


is a program that can work.

now everyone is holding the edge, whether they will make progress or not, whether bread comes out or not. i think it was very nice, what is our philosophy, let's share with the retort from what we live, let everyone make 6 packs, then let us not have a girlfriend. come on! is it such a philosophy, here is a healthy life or something, this is our philosophy. (if you eat)

the body (with d) is so dishonest that it is like a sidekick friend who adapts to any environment. you go to nevizade, did a friend get drunk, like the twat playing on him. there is no positive event, here's my 20-year-old biceps, stop, stop, water arrow base full + full island, let me pull a protein out of the water, add to the fibers, is it obvious tomorrow the gluttonous lion will get the need to hold on to the branches while escaping from the gaps so out of nowhere. always sneaky, like a friend sucking the appetizer that comes to the table, "i'll throw it, i need it to stomach". you have a tradition who thinks that this bad, the most negative situation will happen at the same time, and you have a body. there will be dullness, fire will flood, the glaciers will melt, mammoth buckets, the tribe on the side plains will attack, no no, best of all i have storage, what will happen if i do 51 cm biceps unnecessary expense ... (maintenance of the muscles is very difficult for the body from the truth.)

at this point, the phenomenon called "brain" comes into play, which can change everything. because he is our brother who perceives the environment, he says, he absorbs the information, he says, i can find protein anytime i want, the year is 2013, the cell structure has not yet grasped this development after a million years of evolution, but i know, after all, i am a sane who can say. canims so.

and if you do not force your body to do movements with your brain that it cannot do at that moment, your body will not develop.

of course, when he said "to force him to do what he couldn't do at that moment," he said, "i can't fly right now, so if i jump here, i will fly!" do not mind, then i will have a guilty conscience.

here, this is a matter of "compulsion", a 5000-year "training" culture. to follow a programmed, conscious, anatomically challenging sequence of activities means "compulsion".

this awareness is present in this program.

let's come to personal experiences,
how i come from a genetic pool (aka: i have a very tough physique when it comes to bodybuilding). i pressed 2 arms became 43 cm. if others were working 1, i always had to work 3. ha, i do not die on land for me, i can lose weight very easily when i store everything i eat, gain weight very easily, increase physical activity. my body type is mesomorph. but, my gene pool is so big that (they are out of four geographies, i can't stop eating) height, 1.90, gogus cage swimming gogus cage, very developed, wrists normal, legs mickey & mouse, neck, thin compared to that. because of the 6 packs due to the breast cage, the prominence of the 6 packs is the product of a very disciplined process, because if your chest is flat, you can capture the image with a less voluminous abdominal muscle, if your cage is wide, you should have a much stronger abdominal muscle, see:

with such a gogus cage, you cannot have the 6-li, 8-li (a genetic distinguishing feature) that you see in the pictures. you know the example i gave you, arnold brother. he even said, "ask for your abs as much as it is," when i sat down on pasta one night, i'm sure.
therefore, before starting this program, you should know your body well and set your expectations / goals accordingly.

you cannot get serious muscle mass from this program. because there are not too many exercises to force your muscles towards swelling and gaining volume. even the weight period (i have now entered the 8th week), the sets you do increase the long muscle, and in 90 days, all the allasan, assume that you get 150 grams of protein every day and the muscle mass you will gain is 12 kg. that. so my guess is this program will give you 2kg of muscle mass.


so much physical competence expects from you, the body can't do one, two can't, and the third is now forced to say, "the situation is serious, anyway, if i burn the fat in the waist, let me kick it easier". i mean, his body is hard. you struggle with the oils on your pants that prevent you from running, preventing you from crouching and getting up as an extra load on your back while you are taking the exam. you cannot complete those movements before they leave. well, as long as you are trying to make those moves complete. those oils will go away.

however, a rigorous nutritional discipline is important. because during this physical activity, if you continue your old eating habits, the body is like a mogul who has found a good, like my golfer, my dear, they were too tall when you were away, they always expected me to burn this fat, but this fat, now you come with all your beauty, o glucose, i he will say, "i should not hide you from these bad guys, what can i do?"

"you have been so confused, what is now, what have you been, what have you been?" if you're saying, let's go through a rough summary before we just post the before-after photos:

i have 3 years of serious fitness history, i did not deal with vg professionally. when i was at my best, i had 43 cm arm and one set of 100 kg bench, it is obvious that i was not too ambitious. you know, "eaeaeabi i do not want to swell so much, it is enough like bradd pitt, i was not his men, but still i could not be very professional. after that, i lived like homer simpson for 2 years. working tempo etc.

-before i started the program, i was a 1.90 meter tall 86kg man. but, with a strict diet, before the schedule came on time, i fell from 94 kilos to 86 kilos in 2.5 months. (i mentioned that i gained / lost weight easily) i said, since we got out of homer simpson, let's take care of the remaining 6 packs.

-as of the 7th week of the program. i'm still 1.90 tall (very strange.) i fell 83 kg. the lowest weight i have seen throughout history is 82 in my fitest period (muscles heavier than fat etc.)

-when starting the program, my arm was down to 37.5 cm. (in other words, pen battery) is 40 cm when it is hot now. although i can't catch 43 with this program again, i guess i will get 41.5-42.

-there is a noticeable thinning in the carine and waist area. legs started to evolve from mickey mouse to calf from second league midfielder.

-when i started my shirt 107 was coming, now 109, if it goes from 113-114 to midday, i'm thinking of investing myself in an overlock machine.

as a result, muscle memory is very important, if you have a certain muscle memory before, you can get tremendous results from this program.

otherwise, don't expect much volumetric growth, but you'll have a nice, smooth, tight physique.

so, do not wait for 99810923813019 pull-ups like brothers to do x on the camera or something, do not get depressed, even if you are pulling supported pull-ups, it will be useful. i started with support too,

when i started with support, i started with a total of 45 on the first day, i said what is this. the sister of the blonde, who was officially pulling up, came to life, said, "your father has never eaten eppek," he said. come time and time go, i saw 155 with support, went without support, and continued my way with 35 (3 to 5 from here) without support, now i'm trying to increase it.

everything might happen to you in the early days, do not get depressed, as you know, when i was taking the exam, it was time. i have fallen, my arms are in the exam position, my eyes are stuck to the ground, my arms are not good, i cannot push up, the legs are sweaty, i cannot get up from the knees. you know i can't get up, man! did human beings call for help and lift themselves up with a stick in the villa, by propping them from the side, by freezing on their back? is happening. we are all human. everything is for us humans after all. i was pulled off from the side with the vileda stick. this too can. this is the ego.


the exercise program i started in the second 90 days as of yesterday. even if i shake the last 3 weeks of the first 90 days, the change is obvious.



tony horton aside, but it is not possible for the ladies not to be greedy, especially in the videos he has featured in dreya weber. this amazing woman also has a movement called dreya roll which is featured in the p90x.

in addition, when you realize that you are doing 300-odd shuttles at the end of about 1 hour with different movements, it is much more enjoyable * not with the straight shuttle logic while doing abdominal training. by the way, if you have a bit of sports history after training, do not be surprised by the instant six pack. *

again, one thing i noticed is that our tony brother combines most movements, but he does not do it in a way that is too hard on your body. for example, he can train in shoulder and arm training and at the same time. of course very important. otherwise, you may have 2 unnecessary limbs that you can no longer move after 24 hours.

apart from the 90-day special program, there are also 10-minute short exercises. it is ideal for those who cannot find much time for sports. it's true that it definitely works and your body is reshaping.


even a person who does sports properly should be cut off in half an hour. a very, very intense program. but with a man-like eating system, weight loss is easily observed within a week. in a month, the muscles become clear.

those who don't eat dotu should either do the lean version of the p90x or the p90.


the program that i vomited on the first day, frankly, i applied without paying much attention to eating and drinking, and as of now i am on the 55th day.

there are caps too

(see: http://i45.tinypic.com/4jniu8.jpg)

the 67th day edition;

(see: http://i50.tinypic.com/zwzz5.jpg)


the program i just finished on the 3rd day. after spending the first two days with barely aches and pains, today i hit the play by saying "how can i do all these weight lifting movements". i saw my midwife but i certainly did not give up. the 3rd day is the shoulder & arms ie the shoulders and arms are weighted day. the materials required are dumbles of various weights or adjustable weights, enough as a chair.

i used 20lbs (about 9 kilos or so) in weight for the first 30 minutes, then i reduced it to 6 kilos to make it more comfortable, so in some places there were ridiculous numbers between the first reps and the second reps. but this is not a problem since you have already written how many reps you have made one by one into the excel file.

i did biceps and triceps, shoulder wing development movements by using different types of dumbles continuously for 45-50 minutes. the biggest challenge for me was sitting on the chair and lifting the dumbles 90 degrees at the back (seated two angle shoulder flys). i did this very hard, i can say that i did most of the moves 10-12 repetitions by giving myself gas.

alternating shoulder press: 10/9 (9kg)
in & out bicep curls: 16/15 (9kg)
two arms triceps kickbacks: 12/12 (9kg)
deep swimmer's press: 9/10 (9kg)
full spurination concentration curls: 10/13 (9kg)
chair dips: 17/14 (9kg)
upright rows: 15/10 (9kg)
static arm curls: 12/12 (second set with 6kg)
flip grip twist triceps kickbacks: 12/10 (second set with 6kg)
seated two angle shoulder flys: 6/6 (with the second set 6kg)
crouching cohen curls: 15/14 (6kg)
lying down triceps: 15/12 (6kg)

he said you don't have to make a bonus after here. i said it will spoil us, i did these too.

in & out straight-arm shoulder flyer: 9/13 (6kg)
congdon curls: 12/10
side tri - raises: 8 + 10/17 + 17 (here i got on bad gas, i did 17, i forgot the abripper because i finished)

after all, abripperx had its second day. i was so fucked up the first day with raw body. today, especially with the warning of brother wallcan, i tried to do 25 repetitions by pause and rest (of course max 15-20 seconds). compared to the first day, there was an incredible strain and a burning sensation so i did it right. i had to take a break every 7 repetitions especially in the last movement (the movement of joining the two hands and hitting the ground to the right and left, so that the feet do not touch the ground while sitting on the butt). there is also a candle stance pushing motion, these were incredibly difficult. however, by pausing, i finished the 20-minute program in 30 minutes and did all 25 repetitions except for cross leg sit ups. i think friday will be even more productive.

i went to see a customer during the day. the man ordered a pizza, i said i can't eat it, he went and bought dardanelin triangle tuna sandwiches. i barely ate it, but i'm still obsessed just because i wish i hadn't. it ends in the head, a friends. i can say that such a program was very good for me because i cannot find the time to go to the gym every day, but even at 10 o'clock at night, i can persist and work at home comfortably. and my 2-year-old son counted the shuttles with me today, it was pretty funny.


exercise program that can be done very easily with the 90 droid free application that appears when p90x is searched on google play. since the latest p90x official application does not work on my galaxy note, i said let me try this application and it is a really detailed application. it can also be used not only for the p90x but also for insanity. whether tracking nutrition or a weekly graphical representation is very useful. even when entering the information, whatever exercise is in order appears next in the video. the only problem is if you don't set the date in advance and you notice this later, editing all the entries one by one is a bit of a work.

by the way, i said i started again on monday last week. i currently weigh 94.5 kg, i lost 3 kilos. how am i determined? i doubled the reps of last week, this week, the body immediately recovered in a week.


the program i left behind on the 11th day. i will update the next developments week by week under this entry.

day 8: chest and back day. i was able to do 1-2 more of all the repetitions i did last week very easily. since the body is not raw, the heart has started not to accelerate as quickly, and the condition has increased noticeably. i used 20lbs dumbles again, but i can still pull the pull-ups with the chair. i think this event will take up to 1 more month, my weight will decrease a little more arms strengthen. ab ripper x, i made all the movements with cross-wide roll-up as many passes as they should be. there is a decrease in the number of pauses.

9th day: plyometrics day. we jumped up a lot again. i was able to complete all the movements. heart rate average 142. i saw the highest 160. since i did the kenpo on sunday, the legs were not fully recovered, so i can say that it was a little tired.

day 10: shoulders and arms: went much better than last week's reruns. i was able to do 4-5 more repetitions than last week on some movements with the same weights. i made it all full for the first time on ab ripper.

day 11: yoga x. i pushed it a little bit yesterday, i think my waist hurt a lot today. i still did not neglect yoga x and did it. i am aware that since i have only a 2nd yoga x, we have not yet achieved enough elasticity. some movements, especially balance movements, showed how imbalanced i was. there's a lot of movement done incredibly slowly, but the scum is dripping sweat off the face. i feel pain in the right side of my lower back. the reason for this is that i do not force the waist as a porter while moving the office on the 6th day. still not passed. i guess it will affect the legs and back tomorrow.

------------ 2 weeks ------------------
15th april 2013:
week 2 ended yesterday. will start today 3rd week. i made the measurements this morning. neck half an inch thinner. waist half a cm thinner. compared to the first week, weight loss is less because there were days when i missed meals and my sleep pattern was a bit disrupted. i couldn't go to bed too early this week. the jeans i bought after slimming 1 size last week have now begun to come from lighter waist. i bought a new belt, i was using it in the last hole, i guess i'll drill a new hole in it. continue your journey to size 34. i think i can be 34 size at the beginning or end of the 3rd week. a disastrous change is observed in the arm muscles. this change in bicep and triceps returns as a grin in front of the mirror. there seems to be no visible change in the abdomen and belly yet. i am not very hopeful at the end of 90 days anyway. maybe it can improve after 2.90 days.

------------ three weeks ------------------
april 22, 2013:
week 3 is over today. the 4th week will be recovery week. so there are no weightlifting workouts this week. a week with full stretch and core synergetics. the 3rd week was fine. the established dining order continues as it is. i'm about to be a size 34 or maybe even been. 36 size pants have become quite abundant and it is time to make a new hole in the belt. this week i had an incredible back pain during legs & back on day 5 and i had to finish the workout with the last 20 minutes remaining. i couldn't do the ab ripper x today either. other days i continued without problems. i am thinking of squeezing the ab ripper this week, it is very uncomfortable to skip work. there are measurements of the 3rd week tonight. i fell from 88 in weight, but i cannot lose a net weight. we will look after measurements.

there is a very bad change in the arms, especially the biceps. everyone says the easiest arms are the hardest abdominal area. like my belly has shrunk a lot. the difference is very clear in the pictures taken from the side. it started to show its effect in stretches. in the past, my hands would barely come to my ankles when i leaned forward, now i can lean up to my toes. i can make a bridge, i can do triangle movements very easily even with yoga block. one feels more elastic.

------------ 4th week ------------------
april 29, 2013
this week has been very comfortable. recovery week, called recovery week. new this week, there is a workout called core synergistics. i did this 2 days a week. generally like a mix of other weeks. the logic is to do it by contracting the abdominal region called the core and thinking which muscle is working in all movements. there are some very difficult moves, like dreya roll. in this movement, while standing, we roll on our back and stand the feet on the ceiling, then we roll back the mirror and stand up again. i haven't managed to stand up yet. there is also the event of running in push-up position, 1 cm from the ground and running that way, i could only do this for 10 seconds. day 2 was more productive though.

apart from core synergistics, there were 2 yoga x, 2 x stretch, 1 kenpo x in total. i always felt very elastic from doing stretch and yoga. while the single and both legs hamstring stretches did not reach the wrist in the first weeks, i can now go down to the heels. of course, the incredible melting of my belly also contributes greatly to this. it used to prevent me from bending because the belly was too much. i'll take photos of the 30th day tomorrow, let's see the difference together. though i saw it, but you should see it. in the 5th week, the workouts on mondays and wednesdays are subject to change.

------------ 1-30 days comparison photos -------------

------------ 5th and 6th week ---------------
week 5 and 6 passed very quickly. i do not understand how the program days pass, because it is already connected to routine. two new exercises came in the 5th and 6th weeks. there are chest & triceps on mondays and back & biceps on wednesdays. in general i can say easy. you complete the related movements by doing 8-10 reps or 12-15 repetitions on the chosen weight. i was able to do my moves with 13lbs on the 5th week, with close numbers at 20lbs on the 6th week. 20 lbs seems like the ideal weight for the moment.

i started doing yoga exercises (which is a very difficult one except warrior three) very comfortably. especially in single and double leg hamstring stretches, when i reached my feet when i reached my toes in the past, now i started not to feel burning even when i reach out to the heels as if my arms are extended. i can do the crane movement for 15-20 seconds without falling, and i can stand in the wheel position for 7-8 seconds. i can do extra pushups on all of the ashtanga sun salutations. i remember my first days, but after 5, i could only rise in curse.

there was a slight deterioration in my eating pattern in the 6th week. i ate some junk food, nesquik has a yellow chocolate with milk. my son eats from him and i was constantly lonely. i have to give him a break. it tastes very good man. the protein powder is over, i haven't gotten a new one yet. i eat tuna salad after the workout instead. today there are measurements and photographs of the 7th week. i feel that the 32 size pants i bought recently have become slightly slack. i drilled a hole in the last arch. now you need to drill the 2nd hole, which is very abundant.

------------ 7th week ------------------
after starting the 7th week, when it was revealed that i would come home at 12 o'clock every night due to the concert preparation, i took a break from this week on wednesday. it was like a rest week, i couldn't do anything because of the intensity. i am repeating the 7th week now and i feel more energetic than the first 2 days of the last 7th week. by the way, i say arms, it doesn't say anything else. every day i go in front of the mirror, raise my arms and look at the muscles, squeeze the arm muscles and touch them, whatever happened to them. my weight decreased to 86.8. like the belly disappeared, the diamonds still didn't come out, but the upper body started to take on a pretty triangular shape. there are muscle masses that are especially prominent in the shoulder, chest and ribs. i still say arms it yes baby.

------------ 8th week ------------------
2. recovery week. i couldn't do anything except the first 3 days this week due to the excursion park activities. i was punished at the beginning of the 9th week.

------------ 9th week ------------------
2. it is a good week that the penalty for doing nothing in recovery week is good. i was out of breath on the ply, my condition is officially low. i don't know if the temperature of the weather has an effect, but i'm officially out of breath. i took pictures for 60 days. the change from the side and back is incredibly obvious. in the third month of the program, the first 2 weeks of this month, the program in the 1st month, the next 2 weeks will be the program in the 2nd month. i think recovery week does not exist in the last month. or have not looked carefully.

------------ 10-11-12. weeks ----------
yes, i finally finished it, but let me state that i haven't gotten any efficiency from the last 3 weeks. i have only received 10 percent of my data in the first 9 months. i did most of the exercises in fragments. i lost my motivation due to some special circumstances. i still finished it and took a break for 3 weeks after it was over. i didn't take pictures because everything is almost the same with 60-day pictures.


the program that i decided to do after going back and forth with insanity.

age 38, height 178, weight 79, model snake swallowed a tennis ball.

for two years, i couldn't start myself by making a thousand ads for everyone saying "there is a great program, you will be crazy if you see before afterwards". **

i've been warming up a little bit for about ten days. i seem ready to start as both body and head. of course, no matter how much i prepare, considering that i am 38 years old and haven't been doing active sports regularly for years, the first weeks will be clearly difficult for me.

only nutrion business confuses me. calorie calculations, weights, ozs and so on seem very complicated to me. i wonder if you need to go to a dietitian who understands this business and write a clear diet?

another issue i am curious about is protein powders and l-cartinite. if those who have knowledge and advice on this subject green it, i can give one of my future baklava their names.

1st day edition: i started with the standard program. pull / chin ups finish me off. i tried to do it with the help of the chair like the sister in the video. push ups were relatively less painful, but the second time i put the diamond on, i stuck to the floor in the 4th. it's not like that, you know i'm covered. exercises with weights did not make much muscle, but i did it with a dumble that is not too heavy like 5kg, maybe that's why. heart rate played between 130-160, but on average it was about 140. now slow muscles started to revolt. it is more tempting to put my mouth to the glass even while drinking tea. when i wake up tomorrow morning i'm afraid that this revolt will turn into a coup.

2nd day editi: your mother dies, your father dies plyometrics, orphans plyometrics. joking aside, i guess the first day was a little heavy due to the pain and fatigue of the first day. i stubbornly made the first 35 minutes, but then i passed another 15 minutes. because i was not exhausted and my heart rate reached 170 and i felt that i was struggling. it is a little painful to descend and even walk during the day, but we will resist. i know, after 3-5 days, this pain and immaturity will disappear. by the way, i am researching both l-carnitine and protein powder, little one. i went to the dietician and showed the p90x in nutrition plan and asked him to prepare a suitable diet for me.
song of the day:

3rd day editi: i could neither sleep properly nor wake up as you know after plyometrics. i missed the morning workout and dream of doing it in the evening. let's see if i will give the first loss on the 3rd day or will i be able to do the evening workout and continue with yoga the next day? very soon!
song of the day:

4th day: 3rd day we lost. i was not able to do anything in the evening. no compensation, but i swam a little. yoga was a little more difficult than my guess. we will have a hard time until we gain flexibility, there is nothing to do. it is very useful to have blocks or any elevation. in some movements, it is useful to do it with the help of elevation rather than being restricted due to flexibility and not doing that movement. as the weeks go by, flexibility will increase. i like that each area where i practice hurts one by one. i feel like i'm gaining a slow breathing habit. the legs still have plyometrics aches, especially in the upper area. the day passes without any problems, i even drove about 150 km motor and i feel good.
i used protein supplements for the first time after yoga. 2/3 of the daily scale.
song of the day:

5th day: i was able to start around 11 o'clock due to the still not well-fitting sleep pattern. legs and back scared me quite by name. while the plyometric sore still persisted, the idea of ​​another leg-heavy workout sounded daunting. but the point that i should be afraid of and i will fail is the back part.
the weight of the one-hour workout was leg work, but i was able to complete many exercises comfortably and do 75% repetitions for some of them. but i'm still potato in pull ups. while the crossover sisters do 10-15, i do only 3-4 without chair support, then i can complete ten repetitions with the chair support.
i spent 762 calories based on polar measurements. heartrate was 138 average, 165 maximum. i did not come to 160 and around very often.
if the adventure i started with p90x is completed successfully, i hope my average heart rate will decrease and the maximums will be less challenging. continue with kenpo tomorrow. after the study, a scale of whey protein was ingested.
song of the day:

week 1 summary: i naturally experienced the classics experienced every time regular sports started. as negativity; muscle pain caused by pregnancy, breathing problems, high pulse. but the positive effects were more enjoyable. i immediately felt that my posture had changed, day by day my breath started to open up and my heart rate to lower averages. but of course the best thing is that the whole day goes well after the morning workout. i wasted 2 days in the first week. but that's okay. if necessary, i will do the first three weeks not 3, but 4 weeks.

week 2 summary: this week ended with two losses. but this time things prevented him from doing 6 out of 6. i felt a serious increase in fitness. i've been doing it for only two weeks, but the number of reps started to increase immediately. there is no very bad pain anymore. by the way, the last day of the second week was the last day of my 20 years of smoking slavery. i guess that the 3rd week will be better.

week 3 summary: this week has been a special week. after 20 years of smoking, i quit smoking two packs a day. it's been a good week in terms of p90x. unfortunately we gave a waste again. but the day i was fired was chest & arms, so i couldn't take it off and this week i shook kenpo. maybe sunday i will do that too. that's how i did 13 out of 18 studies in total over 3 weeks. it is not bad depending on the age and job status. the benefit of writing the reps on paper is great. i see the previous one in each study and i set it as the lower limit for myself. i always try to do more than the previous repetition in every work and i achieve this almost 80% of the time. pull-ups are still mint. barely 2-3 without chairs, 9-10 with a chair.
awareness of an important issue. as the days go by, i get to know the movements, my performance improves, my breathing habit improves and confidence increases. for these reasons, i feel that i started to do the movements more accurately during the studies. more precisely, i see errors that i could not realize before. the more correct i do the movements, the more benefit i see and the more i realize that some movements are actually harder than i thought.
the first three weeks are over and the recovery week will begin. because of the 5 works i missed, i will either repeat it for a week or head towards a slightly more hardcore era.
i now know that i will not get a result similar to the motivation videos we watched while starting :)) so i want to finish the top 90 and start the second 90 or p902x as soon as possible to achieve the main goals.


the training program that i have included in my department by department exercise program until now, but i will only start to do exactly as of september 2012. as far as i understand its features are as follows;

- first of all, its main target audience is the american society.

- it cannot be called a complete body building workout. it is more of an optimized version of flexibility, performance, endurance, muscle building and fat burning agents.

- it uses the muscle confusion method in weight training and aims to keep the muscles constantly reacting to the movement.

- there are sets of 16 repetitions in weight training - in what i do. the goal is to provide a more durable and fit body as i understand it rather than inflating the muscle and increasing the muscle mass. it provides a closer look to the human anatomy, you don't wander like a mutant.
(it was necessary to add a correction here: at the beginning of muscle training, our brother says that if you want volume you can also choose weights of 8-10 repetitions, if you just want to clarify the muscles (lean workout says this), 16 repetitions)

- it consists of 3 phases. each phase lasts a month. the nutritional characters of these months are different. recommends a diet based on protein first, then protein-carbohydrate balanced and then carbohydrate-based.

- there is serious cardio training every other day. i tried interval and plyometrics and my average heart rate was around 180s. as such, it enables both fat burning during training and fat burning between two training sessions. or it makes you sweat soggy, it's impossible not to burn fat.

- he interrupts weight training for a week in the last week of each phase. he calls it recovery week.

- they attach great importance to stretching, yoga and recovery as well as cardio training. let me go to the hall / press my weight / inflate my muscles, such as the kind of work that men will not like. it seems to me that you are integrating the muscle you do into your body and aiming to use it and balance it.

- as a result, those who have the opportunity can buy a pull-up pipe, dumble set or spring to their home and include themselves in this program with certain ends and without hesitation, it is definitely worth it.

edit on your need: when my ankle broke on the field, september 2012 was a lie, a folks, i hope this is what will happen if you don't write to your head.

edit 2: - friends, i received many questions about this entry and i understood that what i wrote was insufficient. i'm making a few more additions for those interested. first of all, this program is a program that you should start after doing the fitness test. but this fitness test is not that important either.

- it is necessary to apply the schedule of the program exactly. during the training, when the condition is not enough, you can press pause and breathe a little and continue. my advice is to note the times of pressing the pause in cardio training so that you can follow the progress numerically.

- in weight training, note the number of repetitions and your weights in the tables that come with the program. if you are using tension tape instead of weights, just note the number of repetitions.

- if you want to get high efficiency from this program, you need to take nutritional supplements (protein and carbohydrate powders), question what you eat according to and follow certain dietary rules.

- finally, the program is explained in english, but if you try to apply what you see, you do not need to know more than what is written in this entry.