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comedian who, according to a legend, is said to be still recovering.


the embodiment of the verb to be ashamed on behalf of someone else. my ears are red with embarrassment, you bastard.


he was the man who would have been perfect if he hadn't appeared on television after his stand up show on you are talent. even though he gave a terrible performance there, he made the finale beautiful when he left the stage after the jury's comment. if he had left at that point, no one would look at him with pitying eyes now. but there is nothing to say if his intention is to become famous somehow. there are many examples in my beautiful country that are famous just because they have no shame, even though they don't do anything.


video site/watch?v=nr1zxmlwyww i'm sorry for the comments in the video officially --- spoiler --- couldn't wrap it up for 4 years amk --- spoiler --- he is the man i laughed at. especially not that snowman carrot talk hahahaah


(bkz: the man whose jokes are not laughed at) video site/…eiy6v2w and sns=fb and noredirect=1


the person i've been watching with shame for the last two hours in my sickbed.


as of now, the machinehead is making its second try, bro, let me love your eyes, it looks like you've painted your muscles with water you know, you press the brush to black color, draw small circles and dip it in water and draw where it should be a human muscle, what is it.


(bkz: shame on behalf of others)