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i finished the first season a few days ago. i'm thinking of taking over the drug cartel you know now. because i seem to have a solid experience. i learned production from breaking bad, distribution from narcos, money laundering from ozark. let my interested mexican cheerleaders green.


- now there is a man. laundering the money of the mafia... - aha breaking bad! - no. listen. he has a wife, children... -aha, breaking bad! - wait a minute. the police suspect this... - aha breaking bad! - can you pass me my gun from here? - ah same breaki


would say that people who equate the character named wendy, the female lead of this series, with the character named skyler of breaking bad, should stay away from such series. because you can't analyze the characters.


at the beginning, it is the series that divides the letter o into four and gives clues about the chapter with tiny icons in the formed areas. a clever, minimalist and intriguing detail. nice.


the series that i want to describe as 'breaking bad is brown, ozark is steel blue'


it's the series i watched on netflix and wondered who the translator was with the words çomar and kefban in the subtitles. summed up the definition of "redneck" in one word.


hay street to your breaking bad, we get it, they both have drugs and money laundering. it is a series that i finished the first season and liked very much. those who say the actors are bad, how the hell are you watching, for god's sake? jason bateman both directed and acted and assisted. there is a girl who plays the character of ruth, who will become a star in the cloth. the gloom of the environment, the colors, man! scenes that make you say.. hmm bi breaking bad deialskdjasdahsdh.. well enough. watch.


hello, i'm netflix recruitment department. + hello, i wanted to get a job at netflix, i have a very good idea. - can you explain your opinion? + ok, let me explain. a mexican dope snow... - congratulations. you have been hired.