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as far as i understand, the earthquake has boiled away among the goygoyists, and the probability of being taken seriously is higher than other buffoon types.


stations were garbage, he would have known about this earthquake that happened today.


look, we are pulling the plug by not supporting this man, risking our lives by ignoring what he said, and signing the death warrant by not investigating what he says. he is the kind of man who should be supported with an earthquake forecasting project. he was intimidated and dismissed for telling the truth. if there is a project that needs to be supported or an earthquake issue that needs to be raised awareness, oksal erev should come first. please let's learn about him. for ourselves and our loved ones.


the person who will turn the attention to him after the stones rain on the nation. neither the oil lamp nor anyone else is waving what the man explained. we are following closely. he forewarned the recent earthquakes that took place off the aegean coast. (see: cobra tracking)


in order for all stations in the country to access their data, the state should pave the way and provide them with material and moral resources. maybe by contacting cimer, the public can raise awareness first.


it is a talent that is tried to be offended and fed up with every good person of the country. his predictions are point shots rather than predictions, i hope someone will appreciate it. i've been following social media for a long time, he has a very colorful personality.


i wonder why this man is undervalued, his efforts are ignored

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