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cat flying. flying cat. something like that.


bird species that i witnessed the death of one of them recently. a shallow and unreasonable bastard, who did not have his share of humanity and morality, shot the animal with a rifle. he did no harm to anyone. he stood calmly in one of the trees, waiting for the darkness, only white in all his nobility. since he said it brings bad luck. may your morals and conscience dry up, you bitch. that belief that you are so proud of will get in your ass.


such an animal. likes to hang out at night. ^ ^ [oo] /)__) -"--"-


after reading harry potter, i was looking out the window and waiting "when will they send me, am i not accepted to wizarding school?" the bird that made me dream.


the bird that just tried to get into my house. in this case, one wonders; 1) since the owl is a night bird, what is it doing in the sky of kadıköy during the daytime? 2) did it come as a harbinger of death as it is said? 3) am i invited to hogwarts after this age?


winged cat


it is a magnificent animal that i have shared the balcony of my house with for 9 years, took pictures of it in my house, and whose eyes i envy. he's a good friend, except he's outright possessive of the balcony and pops up in the morning to scare him.