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he wrote another legendary article. (bkz: the chief was defeated)


the retired commander, whose article on 11.10.2018 titled chief was defeated... is occupied by all kinds of tabloid news and trolls, i think i'm late in following his articles. i'm following you from now on...


patriotic expert, whose videos can be clearly seen to be at least as distant towards russia as he is to the usa when watched. as he opposed the f35, he also opposed the purchase of the russian su-57 as an alternative to it and stated that the national combat aircraft should be developed urgently. source: link


in the last article he wrote, he conveyed where things came from and where they were going, as if he were telling bilal. i really respect what you wrote. emphasis on a general style and historical weave, although it may seem shallow. i'm sure he could have written much more detailed and complicated if he wanted, but then he wouldn't have been able to appeal to the general public. if i were in the opposition's place, i would refer to this article from all my social media accounts.


his letter dated 26.12.2018: erdogan should not fall into the trap that menderes fell into


would you take a look at the beauty of this last article and the importance of the detailed information it contains:…izi-lehimize-ceviretli/ tracking.


i read your last article with the link my brother gave me. it is essential that 3/4 of the country read. summarized the the political history of the last 150 years.