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is a non-otrivine nasal spray.


the spray that my self, who does not use medicine even in my most serious illnesses, bought yesterday at noon, adopting the motto of how many times do we get younger. in fact, all i wanted was to pamper myself with an open nose and have a nice saturday sleep. if you look at the time i entered the entry, you will understand whether it works or not. note: actually i was going to just write the first paragraph and leave it, but because i'm so angry i want to continue: it doesn't work at all!


the nasal spray i bought because it is natural, otrivine is addictive. it does not open the nose at all in a single use. it doesn't even open after 3-4 uses. i had zero effect. he searches for otrivine with a candle. my 20 liras wasted.


it brought relief, even for a few hours, to my damn nose. but for some reason it was causing a weight on my chest as if a horse was sitting on it. i'll go away from a heart attack or something, so i quit out of fear. i'd be surprised if something worked too.


it is a nasal spray that i was desperately deceived because i could not breathe without otrivine, because natural mongolia with eucalyptus might be a little less harmful, but i did not feel even the slightest relief from opening my nose. unfortunately, there is nothing as magnificent as otrivine. i give it like a coke whiff, ohhhhh i'm like a baby that came out of the mother's womb and took its first breath into its lungs. wow, even if it's my mother, let's just whistle a breath


it is sold at the pharmacy for 60 liras. it's around $25 online. these pharmacies are no different from the neighborhood grocery store! what is selling a good for 3 times the price?


so-called nasal spray that does nothing.


what is called physiological saline is actually isotonic and has a ratio of 0.9, while this product is more concentrated with a ratio of 2.2 and is extracted as 'hypertonic'. so it doesn't work as you say.