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oskar schindler

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the factory, which he saved many jews thanks to, can still be seen in krakow. however, i recommend that people who want to go alone, a little far from the center, should determine the location of the factory well on their maps and go during the day. it can be a little dangerous to be in that vicinity after dark.


he is a polish businessman who emerged during world war ii. he created a list known as the schindler's list, saved a lot of jews and prevented their extinction.


as a businessman, he does not deviate from capitalism - quite normally - but uses his money for the right purposes, who should set an example for some money holders.


whether you are a greedy or a vigilant businessman, has this man somehow saved the lives of a thousand and one hundred people? saved. how come you are holding hands with this man when you are living without giving his life justice, let alone saving a person's life? may you rest in heaven oskar...

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