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it is an orthopedic disease seen especially in boys who do intense sports during adolescence. the tip of the tibia just below the knee protrudes outward. climbing stairs, bending the knee, doing sports, etc. this area is painful. the disease shows its biggest side effect when your brother, who has already discovered your weak point in fights, kicks your knees. after a few years, the discomfort goes away completely.


the disease that gael monfils also suffers from and fights by wearing patella bands during the match, the effect of which diminishes as he moves away from puberty. however, it can bring tears to the eyes when the bump in the string hits something.


strange disease that i also suffer from. but what i'm really wondering is, does this allow getting a caries report during the military service? because unlike many people, it's still not past in me, it still hurts when i force it, etc. i'll say let's be one, but, i don't know.


the disease that kobe bryant also had around middle school.


it was described in 1903 by robert osgood of boston and carl schlatter of zurich. it is 3 times more common in adolescent boys than girls. there is fragmentation of the tibial tuberosity, soft tissue swelling and thickening of the insertion of the patellar ligament, and inflammation of the deep infrapatellar bursa. one of 3-4 cases is bilateral. should not be confused with multiple ossification centers. in this respect, the only difference is whether there is soft tissue swelling or not.

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