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with mercy and poetry... "how strange that the rhyme he expelled from poetry is finally put on his tombstone: orhan veli 1914 - 1950" sunay akın's poem called strange.


nice man who solved this country years ago. "we have seas, in the sun; we have trees, in leaves; morning and evening, we go and come, between our seas and our trees, in poverty"*


most people's problems are money, sexuality... orhan veli is one of those who cannot be satisfied with these and suffers the pain of existence all the time. suicide, i must die before anyone hears of it, there must be a piece of blood on the corner of my mouth. those who don't know me should say "she loved someone absolutely". those who know, "poor, must say, he suffered a lot..." but none of these should be the real reason.


he said in his poem "goefoot" we passed the inn, the bath, resigned to our share in the sunlight; we passed through his bliss, we were content with his hope; we found none; we invented sorrows for ourselves, we could not be consoled; or were we... weren't we of this world?


he died 60 years ago on a tuesday evening. 60 years later, on a sunday evening, fondly remembered. "i'm shabby now, but after i pay my debts, chances are i'll have one more new outfit and chances are you won't love me again. do you think i'll value you as much as i do now."*


perhaps this is his poem that best describes freedom, neglect and loneliness; even if i enter my house now, i can leave a little later... since these clothes and shoes are mine, and since the streets are nobody's...


there is something like a drink in this weather. it makes people bad, bad... especially if there is longing in the series; where you love elsewhere, you elsewhere; it makes people worry, troubled. there is something like a drink in this weather, it gets you drunk, drunk. orhan veli's 106th birthday is today. happy birthday orhan veli.


his humorous attitude in his daily life; a poet to be admired, who writes non-glossy but very deep meaningful poems, which reflects in his poems as we can show with an example such as i think they will think i am crazy and smile when i realize that i am smiling to myself while walking on the street.