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it is the name given to vertical lines in chess that do not have any pawn structure to cover the line. it is fard to place a castle on these lines, it is sunnah to double a castle.


an incident on can ask questions about get your answer..if you are not satisfied,you can turn your question around and ask..every program has an open line on ntv.. orn: 90 minutes open line


we could do the query here. let's not get hurt, what a ridiculous thing, operators should not let this work, they can officially have all the identity information of the person. inquiry from e-government (see potato line)


the term i learned today thanks to btk call center. if you do not know the owner of the gsm number you are using and you are using it then, this line/number is called "open line". if there is an open line you are using, it is free of charge for 1 year, according to the relevant communiqué of the btk.


it is the daily news program of the tv channel called sky türk. Özlem introduces a woman named zengin and lists the news about the deer that will not be included in the evening bulletins, one after the other.