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this program is a work of art. light, music, accent... the sound of my childhood on screen. yes murat abiye sometimes i get annoyed too, the referee is also the referee hair wool. but... i don't think i should go too far, just quoting a comment below the michael jordan program on video site. "the goat describes the goat."


murat murathanoğlu's program that started on the socrates video site channel. subject of the first program (see: bernard king) first episode


a true work of art in my eyes. it goes very well in the back while running. i listen to what i watch over and over again. it has been a very high level project by the standards of our country. i would like to thank murat murathanoğlu if he is reading these, and of course socrates magazine. for some reason i felt the need to say thank you. *


once upon a time, all parts of america, as one of the most precious basketball documentaries, must be preserved and protected for future generations.


awesome program. a program with a great intro music. i've been looking for the music and i can't find it. i'm going crazy. then, in the last obra section, the employee said something like he bought it on his own behalf. isn't there a way to find this music, friends? if you can't find it with the help of a writer friend from sour, i can't find it.


i liked brian williams episode even more than jordan. murat father, who did not touch the crime scene.


murat abi was definitely better when he was doing this job on his own. the difference is more than the difference between jordanian years and current years. if walton had not been injured, chamberlain says, shaq would have been compared to russell (he means bill russell, our brother, but with a picture of d'angelo russell in the back like a comedy). if he watched it himself, he would definitely notice and laugh.


experiences that are hard to find even if you search, special memories, family information and these are blended with statistics from their professional sports life and transferred to us by a master like murat murathanoğlu. i found it late but i'm watching with pleasure. jason kidd you were a dirty man.