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i can clearly say that the "mouth", which was used as a native of ankara, is well established. it was a response to those who think that ankara jargon is "baby, la". wander around ankara's high schools and you will come across exactly this jargon. i'm not even talking about taxi drivers and dolmuş drivers. ''what you do is good, we like it in ankara''


very successful production. there is a beautiful acting in a way you never expected. also, kudos to whoever writes the lines. he didn't mean it to be funny. all in place. --- spoiler --- chapter 7 ; it is a shame to say brother; if i drink uranium in a bottle, i get up from there like a master, take the nation-chin minibus and go home.. --- spoiler ---


episode 3 has been published. "don't threaten me with your frost, ankara, if i burn my dreams, you will live in august" ... http://sebastiyan.mynet.com/…lunda-as-izle-did317/


one floor memet dude does justice to his role.


internet series disliked by the gentlemen of istanbul and the young people of bilecik.


the series where you can find whatever you are wondering about ankara, the people of ankara. watch, watch. i want people to be happy. i can't remember the last time i laughed that much. la gardas eat your head what is this la...


the series about fehmi kır from Çinçin. however, when you click on the videos, you will first find nior foot care cream, activex super-protected hygienic soap, etc. ads like. seeing fehmi kır after soft middle-upper class advertisements with very well-groomed feet causes cultural confusion. who is your target audience?

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