omnivit good night

omnivit good night

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it is sold under the name omnivit good nght in our country. nor can it be written what works on it. [] [ http://i.hizliresim. com/7mbpd5.jpg]


an excellent product. i didn't have a problem sleeping at night, but i woke up very tired in the morning and there was weakness. but it's been 5 weeks, i've been waking up very comfortably for 3 weeks since i used it. i wonder if it will hurt if i use it for years :(


it contains the extract of the herb called valerian, that is, valerian. this herb is used for anxiety and insomnia. this is what gives the noble sleep-inducing effect. it is not recommended to be taken with alcohol due to side effects. there is no incompatibility with any drug (other than buprenorphine/nalaxone, which is used in the treatment of heroin addiction). (see primarymaster) thanks for the fix.