omar lutfi mete

omar lutfi mete

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in his death and magnificence article, “the problem of image pushes even religion back, death is silent, funerals are talking.” blessed person who says.


he was a devoted intellectual. rest in piece. may his place be heaven.


we had different opinions, but we were children of the same village... rest in peace...


he is a man of heart from whose pen splendid lines are poured. rest in peace. the brave rose makes him cry, the sorrow kills. if he doesn't collapse the valiant, he will be sad. if a demiurge looks with sadness and looks with the eyes of a heart, a valiant rose will make him cry and sorrow will kill him. if the enemy becomes a snake and stings, nine tribes stone him; it doesn't break the valiant. if a yar looks with sadness, looks with a heart's eye, roses will make a brave man cry, sorrow kills


Ömer lutfi mete was the teacher of the the right that has just emerged in the television and cinema industry. thanks to him, they walked infallibly, honored celebrities etc. he was a king man. if i have a daughter in the future, her name will be her father with the poem she wrote.


he is the person that death is hiding on behalf of > ömer lütfi mete


who honors him with his greetings, who is excited by the possibility of his visit, master.