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it is the shortest way to distinguish the basketball audience. i wouldn't talk to the man who criticizes omer as a bad player, not even basketball or any sport. he is criticized by the men who appear in every popular tournament period. don't know a thing, bro. i've given up on that too, at least don't make unnecessary comments.


deservedly praised not for doing something that already has a job well, but for being able to do something that already has a job well, even against the best in the world.


he sprained his foot in the last match, i recommend a full ablution, but it takes a long time.



comes from a houston fan "asik should be called the white dwight. the only difference is that asik isn't a bitch." - lover should be called white dwight. with one difference; lover doesn't bitch


swear there is a whole world of people who don't know what they're watching. the guys who couldn't even see who made the match and brought the defense there, what are they saying? you are an unscrupulous sport, basketball. when you reduce simple turnovers and improve your shot, if you are already defending like that, they call you a superstar in the nba. footnote: the moment of the match was the ball that Ömer lost, yes, but if you do not understand that one of the reasons why the match did not break until that point is that Ömer did not let the american shorts in, you will not shake it idly.


started bowling:…s/2562821/asiktrain.gif