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when i got up to buy the kipa and saw that it was 85 tl, i gave up on the über drink.


the miracle that goes like oil, makes you forget the number of shots. the answer to why you love tequila.


it is tequila that is recommended to be drunk with orange+cinnamon instead of lemon+salt. let me give you the exact recipe: 1 orange is first divided into two and cut thinly in the form of a semicircle**. a slice of the orange we cut is taken and a small amount of cinnamon is sprinkled on it. after rolling the tequila, our cinnamon-topped orange is eaten with pleasure.


those who try it with lemon + salt should pour the lemon directly into the mouth after drinking it or eat a piece of lemon. it doesn't happen otherwise, it gives pain instead of pleasure.


i feel comfortable, at least it's a tequila that doesn't feel stiff... they say it goes well with orange and cinnamon... we go on with salt and lemon... by the way, if i said no twitch, there's anguish until you choke on it... we don't have a shot glass what do we say for; tea cup is sweet !


it can knock down people next to you.


it made me realize that my tequila limit is forever within reach. blessed oil. those who say i can't drink tequila, i'm dead, i'm falling down and i'm dying, should give this a try. golden water serefsisim.


if you drink it with orange and cinnamon instead of lemon and salt, this drink is officially flowing, it should definitely be drunk this way. its presentation can be made the same as lemon and salty presentation, it is incredibly beautiful when mixed with the taste of gold orange. i'm not entirely sure, but the intensity of the alcohol smell is dominated by the smell of orange. i guess i'm taking more vitamin c than i've ever had in my life because of this thing.