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ah i love korean romantic comedy dramas like this. it starts with the popular girl who said that she was the venus of her hometown in high school, gaining weight over time and the legendary handsome man who came across by coincidence tried to weaken her. and many more intrigue, love, dating, separation, pain.. --- spoiler --- more 8th episode has been released. the leading actor, you are what a disaster, what a cute, what a disaster man. (see unemployment) --- spoiler ---


i should have a coach in every house: protecting, caring, loving, encouraging, thoughtful and romantic... now this series is watched many times, i watched it, you too, and you will meet with so ji sub. if you already know, that's nice too, happy! ;)


it is a drama that has the prejudice of "i don't watch korean drama" and then i started on friday and finished 16 episodes on sunday - purity, sweetness, charisma, etc. stuff


the drama that makes me spend the whole day saying kuçinmmmm, the acting of the leading man and the warmth of the woman make this drama watch temcit rice over and over again.


if it is to be watched for so ji sub, one should definitely not expect the master's quality. still a fun but unsatisfying series that ends fast.


the first korean drama i watched. but now when my mood is low, i will open a random episode and watch my new series. due to my age (>25), i left watching korean dramas to teenagers. my opinion has changed during this quarantine period. it has a warm story, it does not overwhelm, it does not faint. in order not to give spoilers, i will not write my thoughts from time to time, but if anyone wants to watch and hesitates, open it and watch it immediately.

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