oh freedom

oh freedom

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it is despite what rte has gone through. oh freedom!


it is the song i hear in the background whenever i want to feel good. if i hear any of his words and melody, there is no other song that makes me cry and fill my heart with the desire to go out on the streets and shout! how close we are to november 2, to freedom! salute to the taksim resistance to gezi! everywhere taksim everywhere resistance!


song (whatever copyright laws say) once sung it no longer belongs to anyone. therefore, he gave it there, he sold it here, none of this is the fault of the song. very, but "very" is a beautiful song. you know, one of the ones that won't get old even if centuries pass...


the original title of the poem is "liberté", written by paul éluard in 1942 against the nazi germany's invasion of france. the translation belongs to melih cevdet anday and orhan veli.


(bkz: o vodafone)


i don't know where it came from after i took the last leg of the university entrance exams in the morning, but all of a sudden, o freedom, i came out of my mouth. since i did not know the lyrics of the song, i could only say o freedom. out of the blue, o freedom!... i came home, i opened the song directly from the internet, i started to listen. i don't know what song was the last time i enjoyed it so much. oh freedom!