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his first album (bkz: don't be afraid) was good, it just came at a bad time. (see: 17 august 1999) is also not the best song counted. (bkz: come on make me laugh)


whenever i hear his name, i think of zlatan ibrahimovic. their facial structures are quite similar.


the person who made me count by saying i counted 30 times in his piece called i counted.


it is necessary to be a pop artist to say to a man who has made a magnificent album as much as the world, who has been the soloist of pentagram for years, that he has seen the maximum value with a single piece. (see: pop players out)


he is one of the rare men who really make music in the country. man. zöge: go serdar ortaç listen bunch akalin listen what can i tell you?


the man i'm sure would still be a man who shaped music if he hadn't been spending all his energy and time with his autistic son. like a man, a great artist.


(see: friends pentagraam)