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the impressiveness of this movie is a little lower than green street, but the hooliganism could have been described so impressively. the cooperation in the group, they did not betray each other and one of them turns out to be a spy. the characters come out of everyday life. it was a movie that i postponed watching for about two years. sympathetic to the ultra culture and the cold soviet spirit finally, my score for the movie is 8.5/10


it is not a green street hooligans, maybe in terms of its scope, but it is a movie that should be watched and learned from.


a movie about russian hooligans made in 2013. it starts with a fight scene in the subway like green street hooligans.


the best quality hooligan/ultra movie to watch after green street hooligans. music, fight scenes, characters are in place.

especially the meeting and fight scene in the subway where the song mama im criminal is playing is awesome.


the second series will be released, in my opinion, it is a movie that covers more than green street and is about ultra life.
we love this life.