objective supplication

objective supplication

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he is despised for feeding a deer and for taking it with him from time to time. however, he is one of the most important names who prepared the second constitutional monarchy together with enver pasha.


(see: deer conversation/@gumush)


don't be fooled by the slanders of some rascals. he is one of the first heroes to put the head on the chair to change the fuckin' order. after a field battle in which he was successful, he comes to istanbul for a prize. in this process, he sees how shitty the ottomans are. at that time, there were faces that carried the sultan's aide-de-camp. often, babies are walking around with the title of pasha. he refuses to be an honorary aide and returns to the mountain. then mr. enver, then mr. eyüp sabri and many heroes... rest in peace.


it is true that niyazi berkes is the father of the name. in fact, niyazi berkes has a twin, and his name is enver berkes, because of enver pasha. niyazi and enver. were popular names among those born in 1909.