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nutrition by blood type

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it is a kind of pseudoscientific peak and has no scientific basis. establishing a relationship between the two antigens and the dietary system is the same as establishing a zodiacal diet system.


according to the first data i found, nutrition according to blood groups is as follows;

that group

people in this blood group can easily consume red meat and white meat. they can include vegetables and fruits in their diet. however, they must eliminate or reduce all grain and dairy products from their diet. that group cannot digest milk and cereal products well, which can cause heart attack and some other diseases.

group a

people in this blood group are well suited to a vegetarian diet. they should only consume white meat (chicken, turkey and fish) as meat. in people with group a, those with very dense blood were found, which means a high risk of heart attack and cancer. to minimize this, people with this blood group should stay away from red meat and dairy products that strain their metabolism.

group b

those with this blood group can easily consume only fish, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables among white meat. this group should avoid chicken meat, bakery products, corn and peanuts.

ab group

according to this nutrition theory, this blood group is the luckiest group. it is good with almost all foods except chicken meat. lectin, a kind of protein building block in chicken meat, can cause cancer and some other diseases in people with this blood group.


if you are a group ab, eat every meal ..
if you are a group of 0, be hungry .. feed everyone ..


as a person who likes to eat, the situation that i think is definitely beneficial when comparing the foods i like, dislike and least love with the list in my blood group.
maybe only i have this harmony now.


if there is such a thing, i don't believe it, there is a problem with people with 0 blood type. like in mathematics, these are also the swallowing element, not all girls or boys with a blood type i know eat like glass and gain a tiny bit of weight. i console myself that it is only a coincidence.


this nutritional diet can be determined by the selective behavior criteria of some vampires with a developed taste.
while a rh + is not preferred because it is a common and easy-to-find blood, o rh- is a flavor that no vampire cannot deny. especially if it was kept alive in the morgue for a while and then cooled.


bullshit on star tv as of now. a formation called mehmet ali bulut defends this. he is not a doctor or a scientist. it is no different from the uncles who make okey in coffee because of its appearance with a scarf.

do not respect it sir.…-type-2017051211678


roughly, there was a group 0, fished meat, then settled life started, agriculture started and group a was born. then b was born due to migration and living conditions. it is a book that also tells the history of blood groups in a way that can be removed.


this is what is true about group a
confirmed information.



as a person with a rh + blood group, the diet i intend to go through with a protein-based diet for a while and eventually my blood values ​​turned upside down (uric acid value: 8.6, b12 much higher than what it should be, cholesterol within the limits)
the high uric acid value signals that i should stay away from foods that contain plenty of purine (a kind of protein) such as meat, dairy products and anchovies, and vegetables that also contain purine, such as cauliflower. in parallel with these signals, when i am fed according to my blood type, i should not eat these "purine-containing" foods.
we fed protein - eggs with sausage every morning, grilled fish salads every evening - the result. and let's eat according to your blood type, come with vegetable dishes, carbohydrates.
when i see the result, i come here and write. come on, good.
edit: over time, i have found that neither consuming heavy protein nor constantly eating vegetables is right. it is best to consume three times the amount of protein you eat, vegetables / salads at the same meal. and eating alkaline as much as possible… avoiding sugar… my final motto is that, be alkaline but don't neglect protein. do not be too attached to blood groups, dukan, karatay.


one of the last books that my father, who is crazy about living healthily, collected from the bookstore.
while my father was reading the book happily because the ab group had blood, my mother and i cried crying because we are unlucky, sick people, i should state that i have never felt warm since i saw the book. they also put the name of mehmet Öz on the cover so that it will sell well. what did they eat his bread?


vampircik: i'm doing a lot of weight, dear or i'm on a diet.

the book that i heard dubious things about

dr. peter d’adamo and his father dr. it is a type of diet formulated by james d'adamo. first of all, father d'adamo's observations and researches on a group of people who were trying to lose weight, who were vegetarian and who could not lose weight but still did not lose weight, advanced the blood type-nutrition relationship, son d'adamo wrote many books on the subject: eat right 4 your type, live right 4 your type, cook right 4 your type, ... it goes like this. now we think that d'adamo jr. is badly stuck with this 4 concept because he thinks it looks beautiful on the cover, or is it because of the rush of signing his own signature while taking advantage of your father's legacy. feeding according to blood type, race, religion, language, climate, geography divides people roughly into 4 (see again, we see the number 4 here.) of course, this is natural because, as we know, 4 different blood groups rule the world and flow in our veins. this diet guides us on issues such as which blood groups are tolerant of which nutrients, which foods provide maximum benefit to our blood, which ones and why we should stay away. it tells us not to consume foods that our blood cannot boil, not just to weaken, but for a healthy life. divides food groups into 3 for each blood group; very useful for the body, neutros, and pests (here 4 concepts have slipped). since they are of the subtractive / toothpaste diets that mean that some foods are completely removed from our lives (for example, people in a group should definitely not eat meat, milk and milk products, even some fish are in the harmful category), its usefulness is controversial, as it may lead to nutritional deficiencies. there are also practical difficulties; an a-group herbivore who lives in senegal, where eighty percent of a food culture is based on meat. nevertheless, the blood type diet can be guiding in terms of achieving.


i would say "come on there" but my stomach reacts to all the foods that are forbidden to my blood type. i can not digest, i am disturbed. so i took it seriously and decided to try it for at least a month. if he stops using the stomach medication, i will.
t: a diet that expresses that the body acid environment is at different degrees according to blood groups and promises to be healthier by feeding with foods that will provide balance.