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rising faster than the dollar pimp.


there is a saying he shared on instagram on november 10th. he made a small art by cutting meat and created a portrait of atatürk. he wrote something like this under it: the one who loves his country the most is the one who does his job best. that's why i want this man to rise. i hope it rises and becomes a world brand.


he wrote, "while we couldn't buy tommy hilfiger's t-shirt 8-10 years ago, now we are friends with him. if it were anyone else, it would be repulsive, but when this man does it, it makes you say halal. it's okay to say that god bless us.


the man enters the field during the trophy ceremony in the champions league final. presumably at the invitation of his close friend, benzema. liverpool players greet the man as they leave the pitch. a turk in a tribune that can be counted as a vip shouts "nusret abeyy" or something. we are a very interesting society lan.


you can be rich, but you can't have a reputation. this man has a reputation one way or another. top football players who won't mind anyone in their most important time spend time with the man sincerely having fun.


don't understand why nusret rules venezuela. he does his job very professionally. not everyone will like the way you do your job. someone says uneducated. there are millions of people in the country who do not know how to walk on the road, most of them at least high school graduates. the guy created a world-famous steak house chain at a young age. created his own style. he is the most successful the entrepreneur of recent times, know how to appreciate it.


he is the person who made saltbae with ramos for the champions league cup. i'm not going to say that i've never seen it or something. he is busy living the life that most of us cannot even dream of. good luck.