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unfortunately, he is the one i find unsympathetic. her acting in the series is very artificial. that character is already forced and unnecessary. did gülse birsel call this girl a lot? i can say that the latch of the outermost door of the series is coy.


the younger one who looks older than the siblings i can't understand why he hid their age.


she has very beautiful skin. please tell us what he is doing.


after looking at her self in the drama and her instagram, it was certain that she was a makeup beauty.


i wouldn't be surprised if one day he decides to change gender and become a man. it's as if a girl was born while she was on her way to becoming a boy.


a comedian, actor, who split with his rap performance "they raided halime in the barn". but it was deleted because it was shared as a story. i'm calling him from here. please upload that video permanently.


i think it's the only celebrity that i liken to emilia clarke. i'm waiting for him to shout "dracarys" at any moment.


the younger one of the brothers of the yilmazsisters instagram account, where i laughed a lot. they are so funny and i laugh more because they look like me and my brother. also, she is not beautiful with makeup, she is more beautiful without makeup.