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it is a herbal syrup that doctors strongly recommend against gas problems of newborn babies. it is said to have no side effects. of course if used when dark. if you say does it work, there is a slowdown as if the brake of a truck going downhill after four days of use, but it has not been stopped yet. but keep using it, nothing to lose in the face of possible night gains ..


withdrawn from the market


there is a mint called "nurse harvey's mix", made from the oil of 3 different herbs.
if your baby has the flu and wakes up from a stuffy nose at night, this is the miracle . you drop 10 drops or something on a small wet towel and put it on the heater of the night room.


as someone with cluster migraine and a characteristic headache at least 3 times a week, taking painkillers was very upsetting for me, but i had no other choice. i hate taking medication, and most of the time i try to resolve my migraine attacks by massage with china oil - sleep in a dark environment. this stick took away my fear of piercing my stomach. i can now pass my routine headaches with this. i rub a couple on my temples and brow bottoms.


since the digestive system of a newborn baby is not fully established, none of these syrups and drops will completely solve the gas problem. it just relaxes. nurse harvey's comforts us too. the days when i didn't think it was working at first were much worse than the days i took it. with regular use, you will definitely see the benefit of regular gas massages. a little patience, endurance and calmness of course, these days will pass ...


for newborns, herbal syrup, which gathers gas bubbles rather than helping it to release gas, helps to release thunder-like gas with massage support. it can be used in conjunction with biogaia, its gunmate. (consult your doctor) of course it does not show the same effect for every newborn.
in addition to the massage support, it helps to keep the feet warm (as the circulatory system is not developed enough) because they are cold.


herbal syrup that helps to relieve infantile colic, flatulence and teething pains of 1-12 month old babies. it contains dill oil and cumin oil, which are effective in relieving sleep problems due to gas.


as far as i understand it is the equivalent of the syrup called om-x that we use. we are glad, those who can't find it can try ours.


it is also a bit expensive compared to its counterparts, but it is the most natural and without side effects. is also non-alcoholic.


drops or syrups that i don't think work ... for other drops or syrups that i tried and didn't work for me;
(see biogaia)
(see: maflor)

not working for me doesn't mean it won't work for you either. try ...


highly praised carminative i decided to use for my 2 month old baby with colic *.
but i wasn't sure whether it was a drop or a syrup. i expect a message from those who experience it.


herbal carminative drops that i recommend instead of methylphenidate in the diagnosis of infantile colic.


if the baby is not breastfed but is bottle-fed, the bottle is already the main cause of gas. aptamil, bebelac makes babies crazy from gas - most of the time - after 2 months of sleeplessness, similac made me forget the gas phenomenon completely. made in america and is the market leader in america. somehow unknown here at all. if you have such a problem, give it a try. the reason why it is the market leader in america is because it is definitely not making gas.

we are very satisfied. try it.


it is a gas drop for babies. i wonder who ever thought of putting such a ridiculous retort in this bottle. it is necessary to drop 20 drops at a time, but the retort takes only 1 drop. it is necessary to put it in and take it out 20 times.


syrup that put an end to our sleepless nights. before that we gave sab simplex and biogaia to our son. he started waking up with nurse harvey's only once a night, we are happy.

note: this varies greatly from baby to infant. while some of them, one of the cheapest drugs, methyl is good, some bring medicine from germany. believe search and try.


the reinforcement that does not need to be tried when miracles such as sab simplex and wind-salbe exist.


not every formula and every drop is beneficial for every baby. it is necessary to try a few products. we relieved the gas problem with aptamil conformil and nurse harvey's.


mine was colic too, from sab simplex to neurs harveys, from bitter apple oil to fennel ... we drank and smeared whatever we found. crying did not stop, but we used this one then. i don't know what would happen if we didn't use it.


first we used biogai, then relaktas, then a syrup whose name i don't remember, then methyl drops for gas problem. but we did not see any effect. now we started using metsil and nurse harveys colix. i hope we will find the solution with this duo.