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nuri killigil

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it is the name of a pistol produced in the country in the 1940s.


nuri pasha comes from kars, the country, at his waist, the undefeated lion because of azerbaijan comes, the waving the flag informs about the independence of time, the glorious history of turk, the son of soldiers, look at the crescent moon born in the the fighting flag, look at this march, this victory, this glorious sky . the commander commemorated by our azerbaijanian brothers with a march. (see: şemistan elizaman)


after 67 years, the funeral prayer was performed.…nra-cenaze-namazi-2909161200.html


brother of enver pasha. he lived between 1881-1949. also known as nuri pasha.


may god have mercy on him...i learned it too late, but i learned it in the end....neither young men nor brave men, but it is not explained..


commander in the ottoman army and a republican businessman. nuri killigil, brother of enver pasha, i. at the end of the world war ii, after the russian and armenian troops, who dominated azerbaijan, carried out the the massacres known as the march events, an army called the caucasian islamic army, consisting of ottoman, azerbaijani and dagestan soldiers, started an operation to liberate azerbaijan from the occupation. *


after the defeat in the 1st world war, he tried to organize resistance against the british army in azerbaijan. another major project was formed during the second world war. he planned to establish an army from the turks among the russian soldiers who were captured by the german army, and even asked the prime minister of the time, refik parlak, for permission to go to germany for this purpose. the weapons factory he built on the edge of the estuary was blown up with a big explosion, no trace of his body was found, an empty coffin was buried in his funeral.