number porting

number porting

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the process of changing the operator of a phone number. state of transition from one operator to another. to query whether a number is being ported, including landlines, and from which operator you are currently receiving service, you can check here.


it's an event that many people are lazy and can take advantage of a lot of advantages cheaply. although they are now doing these campaigns as if they are committed for 1 year, but change it, don't be lazy. as soon as your line is closed, you continue to wear a new one anyway.


procedure that works faster than i anticipated. as i was fed up with turkcell's relentless fuck policy, i requested a number porting over the internet at 1 am last night. they called at 9 am. at 9.30, the courier handed over my card and got a signature. they said that you will be able to start using a message in two days. let's fuck some vodafone. welcome.


addictive condition. i switched from vodafone to turkcell last year because they didn't make a suitable offer. moreover, they gave me a very affordable tariff because i carried my number. now my turkcell contract is about to expire, this time they are not giving suitable offers. vodafone's number porting tariffs, which i left last year, are more convenient. i will most likely be back and this cycle will continue forever. *


i will start turkcell. i bought my 4gb+750min for 33lira from vodafone, not to mention the extra gb gifts. elsi bambinoki zu vodafone


(see portable number)


you decide to break up with your lover, but he doesn't know, he still makes plans with you in it, you get angry and laugh at him, but you have made your decision, the relationship is over. after you, the two sides will not come together, that lousy lover of yours. he is in a bar every night, you get the news. he drinks and cries. it is better. even fuck it. keeps calling and texting.. something like that. i'm leaving you don't bother me you idiot