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arakman did not become popular because he did not make songs. now think about it, you're listening to something foreign on the radio. it doesn't sound bad, but the language is foreign. a record comes out 3 months later, this song is on the obverse, translated into the. you put it on the record player, now you can sing along. ridiculous happiness. however, you are looking at the album of nukhet durun, there is no music in the apartment from the foreigner, emotion has turned into words, words have turned into sounds. lossless. now it's up to you whether you like it or not... you don't. fuck your mind, your mind, your taste.


one of the most underrated singers of the pop.


in eskisehir, the woman with tears in her eyes for ali ismail*, her voice trembling and sang ali for him. human. if i were in his place, i would do something like this; thank you a thousand times for making me feel like i have a voice and for being human.