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my grandfather. my grandfather, who warmed my heart under the same sun. yesterday was the sixteenth anniversary of his death.


nubar terziyan was a person whom no one would be upset if he were appointed as the head of religious affairs. now i don't know if his kindness was reflected on his face or if he looked like that because of the light, but it was close to impossible, even impossible, for him to play a dishonest character with that expression. the role of the milkman in a sezercik movie is super, especially in the same movie, the father triples of sezercik are even more super. however, the place of the donkey screaming "i'm whipping, i'm whipping" is different in the same movie.


personality with medal of independence.


he was an apple-cheeked, tiny, bright-faced grandfather, whom i thought was one of the best people in the world since childhood.


the extras that we couldn't see in the role of the villain for once...the light was really flowing; rest in peace....


if all the candies, söbiyets, pistachios and baklavas of the world were collected, they would not be as sweet as one of nubar terziyan's cheeks. i love your red cheeks.


one of the permanent doctors of the films after his grandfather. in an aytaç armanfatma documentary, whose name i can't remember, he played a super doctor who came with a tiny doctor's bag in his hand and somehow managed to take x-rays of the patient. moreover, while aytaç arman, who played the role of terminally ill, was lying in bed suffering from a stab wound to his leg, the x-ray he held to the light of the chandelier and said "his condition is critical" was also a lung film. i always remember her cuteness and smiling eyes stuck to her face.


from the unforgettable director of love movies: majesty at the funeral prayer* : nubar, weren't you an armenian? nubar: i am an armenian majesty: so what are you doing at your funeral prayer? nubar: what should i do? the congregation was very small. shame on the man!