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my mentor, whom i trust, before toefl, which i will enter with a 4-day study. the greening of the authors who have applied their strategies before and seen the effect in the exam results will be a source of motivation for me. this entry will update itself with the exam results. edit: i screwed up but i still recommend notefull.


"that's why i feel this way." inventor of the word. i have toefl exam tomorrow, i can barely train speaking speeches. i guess i'll end all the talk with "that's why i feel this way".


it is the website that i would definitely recommend to those who will take toefl. i went to toefl yesterday and here i told you how great this site is. (see #29851076) i'm going to send the man my mom's winter sweater, i think, in california, every lesson is the sunny guy. i don't know how to thank you. also, thanks to tanidik for recommending the site.


the site where i have deep hesitations about whether to get paid membership or not. isn't there a guide with a free mind and a free conscience?


it's a well-crafted site that can be helpful, especially for toefl workers. the videos look pretty good. (see toefl)


especially if i get a good grade, i want to send him one of the mother's parcels sent to his student. what an honorable man, he is not deserved.


does anyone buy and work with the sets on their site? friends with experience, it's a hassle to make it green. thanks in advance. edit 1: i started the free trial course, let's see if it's good, i think i'll buy the whole set. edit 2: there wasn't much in the free trial actually and the videos are very old, i guess i'll try to find something else.


the black murat of those who do not have a toefl target of 120 *. intermediate level of english + this brother + 2 weeks of regular study = 20-23 speaking, 20-23 writing, 80 overall.

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