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colloquially, mostly in the eastern regions, "isn't it?", "is it?" word used in the meaning. * admit it, you're pissed, aren't you?


beautiful piece of ghazalists from the outside. crazy heart wanders in this world (world) stay full! it's not a property you want from life, it's not a day, it's not the last day... there is no end to your suffering, there is no end to your suffering, it's not hard to be water and run away, it's not hard to turn into dust and fly away... time flies, it's not possible to stop it ah!'s not possible. .. the lover who burns in his fire is not ashes... not a rose... not a nightingale...


word used to disapprove; i should use it like this... - brother; is that? that girl on the left with her hand in her mouth? - not ! - is he next to him, brother, the one who messed up his hair and left it to the winds? - isn't it? - is it me? - bend over... [it's stupid]


i walk through them, no one holding hands. i say everyone is back. i look into a few of them.. no one is at peace with themselves. i tell everyone about myself, whoever i tell about myself is surprised. i wonder who to tell myself. no one is used to themselves at first. --- ozdemir asaf --- this poem was composed by ilhan irem and took place in their album with the name loneliness window, and to do this, it needs to be edited.


it's not an orhan veli poem, i don't know how to explain it; how, how, i tell you! a affliction that is heartbreaking, a affliction to the enemy. if i say heartache... it's not! if i say bread money... not! it's a nuisance... it's unbearable


sometimes i have fun thinking that orhan veli wrote this poem for his hemorrhoids. a sorrow that is heartbreaking, a trouble that pertains to the enemy...


i want to send hornets to those who pronounce this word as it is written, that is, those who read it as not or not. this word is pronounced as "diil". no, and they pronounce it "not" emphatically, as if that's the truth. let's explain with examples: spelled: i'm not wrong pronunciation: i'm not wrong pronunciation: i'm not wrong pronunciation: i'm not correct pronunciation: i'm diilim


it is another no land song that is very good. please